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Channergy is a complete Multi Channel Manager and Back Office Management Solution. Channergy Manages Customers, Orders, Products and Inventory across Ebay, Amazon, and More…


Incredibly Flexible

A Multi Channel Managerfor marketplaces, webstores & more.

A retail POS

Order, Inventory & Customer management.

Report Writer, Script Editor and loads of useful tools

Run locally or in the cloud.

Easy to use & touch screen friendly.

Automatically sync inventory withyour warehouses, stores and online.


Channergy Does Everything

Channels, Orders, Customers, Inventory and more…


Channergy began over 20 years ago as a full backoffice system. It was designed for mail order businesses and offered order entry, order import, inventory management, customer relations, purchasing and receiving,emailing, reports etc. It is a big system and has kept pace with the times.

Listing Tool

In 2009 Channergy added a multi channel manager which communicates with Amazon, ebay, Rakuten, Sears, Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, Shopify and many other ecommerce solutions. It downloads orders, uploads listings and updates product changes, and uploads shipping confirmations.  It keeps your inventory in sync across all of these.

POS & 3rd Party Support

Channergy works with third party programs including Quickbooks and other accounting packages, shipping software like UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager, Endicia Pro, and many other systems like credit card processors. Channergy also includes a full point of sale system that integrates with your channels and manages inventory across all of them.

You can run Channergy locally or we can host it in the cloud for you. Channergy is highly customizable, includes an open SQL compliant database, comes will cool tools like a report writer, script editing tool, html interface andmore. No other system is as comprehensive and flexible as Channergy.

One System &You’re Done.

JT Lilliput Motor Company

“The team at Channergy was able to import all of our data and walk us through the setup rather quickly. We lost no data, and the new interface was wonderful.”

Amber Merriman Market Analyst

“It is this type of customer service that sets Channergy above the rest.”

John Dogs Unlimited

“The editor is great!!! I wish that I would have had it a long time ago. Thumbs up on another great product.”

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Channergy is a complete Omni Channel Manager and Back Office Management Solution. Channergy Manages Customers, Orders, Products and Inventory across Ebay, Amazon, webstores, retail stores (with a built in POS) & more.


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