Revision History – Legacy (v. 1 & 2)

This will completely reinstall version 2 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

This will completely reinstall version 1 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.


NOTE: You can check your build number in the About box, available from the Help text menu item.

Version 2 Revision History

2.0 Build 233
1. Added Buypass (BPAS) to PC-Charge processor list.
2. Added Check All/Uncheck All right-click menu options to Process Orders grids.

2.0 Build 232
1. Fixed bug in Dazzle where mail class (First Class, Priority, etc.) was not sent correctly.
2. Fixed bug in Dazzle where weight was not being calculated in ounces.

2.0 Build 231
1. Turned off Dazzle export test mode. Feature is now active.

2.0 Build 230
1. Fixed bug that could cause shipping charges to be changed in Process Orders if “Percent of Order” charge was being used.

2.0 Build 229
1. Added Dazzle test to order menu.

2.0 Build 228
1. Added lookup for Canadian Postal Codes (Note: separate data file required)

2.0 Build 227
1. Added the ability to do refunds using xAuthorize.
2. Lengthened the product description field to 150 characters.
3. Fixed bug in Process Orders. Orders being held for backorders would still show up in the Process Payments tab.
4. Commented out the bin source error section for testing purposes.

2.0 Build 226
1. Fixed bug in “Percent of Order” shipping charge calculations.
2. Modified ICVerify interface to accept alphanumeric approval codes.
3. Fixed bug in Gift Orders where keyboard shortcuts would not work.
4. Fixed bug in Gift Orders that would cause an error message if JumpToLastOrder was turned on.

2.0 Build 224
1. Made mix and match available as a standard feature.
2. Changed xAuthorize interface to never set the secondary login to blank.
(This is a workaround for what appears to be a bug in xAuthorize.)

2.0 Build 223*FIXED* bugs in order import FTP download.

2.0 Build 222*NEW* Added sort field to order priority table (located under the Setup button on the Order screen).
*NEW* Added FTP download to order import.
*FIXED* bug in order import where cardholder information was not available for imported payments.
*FIXED* bug in order and customer contact screens – operator ID would not default correctly with security turned on.

2.0 Build 221*NEW* Added HTML tutorial window.
*NEW* Added minimum quantities by product code.
*FIXED* Changed amount formatting for Authorize.Net credit card transactions back to $0.00.
*NEW* Added “Go to last order on open” option.

2.0 Build 220*NEW* Added Mix and Match feature.

2.0 Build 219*FIXED* bug in ICVerify payments when using ICVerify with multiple merchant accounts.

2.0 Build 218*FIXED* bug in shipping setup that would prevent zone & rate charges from calculating if other charges had not also been entered.*NEW*. Added ability to import 100 orders for working demos.

2.0 Build 217*FIXED* Added additional routines to check for ICVerify/xCharge approval codes.

2.0 Build 216*FIXED* ICVerify approval code check to mark an approval with a following “T” as approved.
*NEW* Added ICVerify approval code check to mark as approved if only the approval code in double quotes is returned.

2.0 Build 215*FIXED* Updated payment screen to ensure that amount is formatted properly when
using xAuthorize.

2.0 Build 214*FIXED* bug with xAuthorize secondary login setup.

2.0 Build 213*FIXED* Installment payments bug – “Authorize First Payment” authorized last payment, not first.

2.0 Build 212*NEW* Added Verisign PayFlow Link and Paymentech to xAuthorize gateway selection.

2.0 Build 211*FIXED* the “Field “MerchantNo” not found” error when charging credit cards.

2.0 Build 210*NEW* Added secondary login to xAuthorize credit card setup.*NEW* Added Verisign PayFlow Pro to xAuthorize gateway selection.

2.0 Build 209*NEW* Changed ICVerify approval check to strip the first character if it is a double quote*NEW* Changed ICVerify credit card interface to accept “T” as approved.

2.0 Build 208*FIXED* payment processing to filter out charges set for future dates.*FIXED* tab order on payment screen.

2.0 Build 207*FIXED* Backordered item quantity change bug.*NEW*  Changed payments on order screen to grid, with dialog for editing.*NEW* Added Installment Payments.

2.0 Build 206

*FIXED* problem with opening Shazam reports.

2.0 Build 205*FIXED* error when marking all shipped or filling backorders.*FIXED* email bug that would only allow 10 emails to be sent.*FIXED* error when charging credit cards using PC-Charge.*NEW*  Changed error message wording when table cannot be updated.

*FIXED* database update to correctly update secondary indexes.

2.0 Build 204, HTML 108
Note: Builds after 202 do not include the Accounting and some related fields. The accounting system is being enhanced and will return in a future build.*NEW* Email Notification – Create email campaigns to send notices to your customers about orders, backorders, special announcements and more. This is a very flexible system that allows you to create your own campaigns with our easy-to-use report writer interface.*NEW* Subproducts (size, color and other options) are now unlimited and include a new utility for rapidly creating thousands of combinations easily. A new product lookup on the order screen makes finding these products easy – just select each option from a pulldown. This feature is especially useful for clothing, auto parts, etc.*NEW* Security can be set for each operator with access control by screen and menu item.*NEW* Mailware now includes 4 price levels – Retail, Wholesale, Price3 and Price4*NEW* Quantity Discounts – Set discounts for a quantity range of items ordered. The discounted price is automatically added to the order. A different discount range may be applied for each of the 4 price levels.

*NEW* Vendor Discounts – Set discounts for your purchases from your product supply vendors. Discounts are automatically applied on purchase orders.

*FIXED* Fixed bug on email edit screen where field list would already be populated even when there was no query entered.

*FIXED* Changed email edit screen so that query will only be run to get field names once, unless it has been changed.

*FIXED* Changed EmailNo field in Email table to auto increment.

*FIXED* Added double click action to Email List grid.

*FIXED* Added secondary indexes to Email table for future use.

HTML updated with new help on Email Notification and updates to the Reports help.

2.0 Build 203
*FIXED* the HOMEBUTTON bug that showed the message “here”*NEW* Changed credit card authorizations to pass through tax amount when using PC-Charge*NEW* Changed order screen to allow items to be deleted even if the status is blank.*NEW* “Master Code” and “Product Prefix” fields on “Setup Subproducts” screen will automatically use uppercase letters.*NEW* Added Email Notifications feature.

2.0 Build 202
Note: Build numbers for version 2 have been renumbered to begin with 200 or higher.*FIXED* Corrected a problem that produced an error when entering a new payment on the order screen.*NEW* Added 2 fields to the UPS Worldship export: Carrier and Service.*NEW* Mailware now formats the phone number and Zip (Postal) code fields for the UK, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico*NEW* Accounting – Version 2 now includes an entire accounting system. It posts sales, a/r, a/p and inventory transactions directly from Mailware. Can be used with an existing accounting system or as as complete standalone system.*NEW* New Fields – Discontinued Item on the Product screen allows you to keep an product # in inventory after it is no longer available. If an order is attempted for the item a message warns that it is no longer available. You can choose to override and place a backorder if you wish.

2.0 Build 79*FIXED* Pressing the F10 button in the order screen correctly assigns an invoice # and prints the current order’s invoice.*NEW* Added Reprint Invoice option to the Reports button on the order screen. Use to print a duplicate invoice for an order.*FIXED* Support for Authorize Net credit card charges using the xAuthorize utility.

Version 1 Revision History

1.8 Build 122, HTML 107

*FIXED* the default price level not being set. The behavior is: If a default pay method is set in preferences under the Order tab, then any new payment will be set to that pay method. If that default pay method happens to be “Credit”, and the customer has used a credit card, it also automatically enters the last used credit card info. If there is no default set up, it uses whatever pay type the customer used last, or “Credit” if there is no pay history for that customer.

HTML updated with News.

1.8 Build 121, HTML 106*FIXED* – In Receive Inventory it is no longer possible for the amount received to decrease In Stock amounts for a product below zero.HTML updated to include new Help Menu and a separate Help WIndow.

1.8 Build 120, HTML 105*FIXED* – Order import for Mailware Web now marks individual orders as imported so they will not be imported again.HTML updated to include new Help files, News and updates to the Report Center.

1.8 Build 115, HTML 104Added connectivity for Mailware Web including the following:

  • On Mailware Web checkbox to select a product to upload to the web store
  • Subproduct Master Code and Option text to allow for Size, Color etc. pulldowns on Mailware Web
  • Assorted system fields to manage upload/download tracking to Mailware Web
  • Order Import for Mailware Web orders

HTML updated to include new Help and enhancements to the interface for Tables, Actions and Reports.

1.8 Build 110, HTML 103*NEW* – New Help has been added to all the features in Mailware. Click the Help icon next to each icon for detailed instructions on that feature.*NEW* – Updated the Contents page to allow easy access to Wizards, Tutorials and your own Custom pages. Added new Getting Started section to help you learn and use Mailware.

1.8 Build 110, HTML 102*NEW* – Tables, Actions and Reports tabs on the Company Database all converted to HTML*NEW* – Added a Days field next to the Tickle Date on the Customer Contact Log – now you can enter the  # of days instead of manually calculating a date.*NEW* – Added a Recurring Orders action to the Contact Log to be used with the new Recurring Orders query. The query creates duplicate orders based on a customer’s last order. Run the query each day – a new order will be created X days after the last order based on the number entered in the new Days field on the Contact Log. Use this query for clubs, pre-orders etc.Note: The query must be installed separately. Download the Mailware Query tool from the Downloads page.

1.8 Build 109, HTML 102*FIXED* – Corrected a bug created in build 108 with Gift Orders.

1.8 Build 108, HTML 102*FIXED* – Report bug

1.8 Build 107, HTML 102*NEW* HTML tab now has an HTML Update button on the toolbar to make it easier to install new content*NEW* Command added to HTML tab to allow launching of external programs*FIXED* Fill backorders on import option in Preferences now correctly totals orders.

1.8 Build 105, HTML 101*NEW* HTML tab includes a new Take an Order tutorial*FIXED* Update utility now correctly reports the current HTML version*FIXED* Several minor bugs in the HTML pages have been corrected.

1.8 Build 105, HTML 100*NEW* HTML tab on the Company Database includes news, tutorials, wizards and special features. You can also create your own pages.*NEW* CVV2 code added to the Order screen (for the 3 digit code found on the back of credit cards).*FIXED* Tab now inserts a new line in the Product Type setup screen. Also added a navigator bar with add, delete, edit etc.)

1.8 Build 104*NEW* The Zip Code database has been updated as of 2/03*NEW*  Added preference for “Don’t Hold for BO” field. You can now set this default for orders. When set to on you will be able to ship filled items even when other items in the order are in a backorder status. This feature is also known as “Ship Ahead”.*NEW*  Added a details button to product screen that shows stock totals – Use this to view quantities for a particular item that are in each status (committed, filled, backordered etc.)*FIXED* Purchase Orders can now be deleted.

*FIXED* You can now delete changes made on the Receive Inventory screen.

*FIXED* The total On Order now calculates correctly.

*FIXED* Fractional quantities (less than one) now show a status on orders (committed, shipped, filled etc.)

*NEW*  Updated the About screen with current information

*NEW*  Separated the Backup Database and Restore Database functions listed under the Tools text menu

*NEW*  Removed the 1.7g upgrade option from the Tools text menu.

*NEW*  Removed Close Company from the File menu

*NEW*  Added Alt-X hotkey for the Extra button on
the product screen

*FIXED* Process Orders to display orders in correct sequence

*NEW*  Widened the Add Date on the Customer screen

*FIXED* the Orders and Contacts grid on the customer screen to  not extend past right edge

1.8 Build 100Note: Build numbers for version 1 have been renumbered to begin with 100 or higher.*NEW* Added 2 fields to the UPS Worldship export: Carrier and Service.*NEW* Mailware now formats the phone number and Zip (Postal) code fields for the UK, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico

1.8 Build 69

*Hold Order – Place a hold order and hold until date on any individual order. The order will not appear in Process Orders until that date. Option is located under the Details button on the Order screen.

1.8 Build 68*Order Search – The search feature on the Order screen has been enhanced to include several new searchable fields including:

  • Alternate Order Numbers 1 and 2
  • Customer Number
  • Billing Name, Address, City, State and Zip
  • Order Date
  • Credit Card Number

1.8 Build 67

*FIXED* Information in the Payment tab on the order screen is now saved automatically when the order is saved.

1.8 Build 66 * Faster Invoice – the default invoice now appears almost instantly (you can access it by pressing the F10 key from the Order screen) Note: you will need the new invoice which can be downloaded from: Opens in a new window

* Term fields added to PrintOrder table for use by the invoice.

*FIXED* Product “Clone As” copies the value entered into the cost field.

* Added incremental searching to product field on PO and Receive Inventory screens – now you can start typing a product number and it is automatically filled in for you.

* Description shows up when products are typed in on PO and Receive Inventory screens.

* Added ability to change the quantity of an item on the order screen.

* Added an option in Preferences to allow the Tracking table (available from the Details button on the Order screen) to be edited.

* Changed Tracking table index to allow multiple tracking numbers for a single order.


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