Revision History – 2005

This will completely reinstall version 2005 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

Mailware 2005 introduced the following 65 new features including a new SQL database:

  1. A complete RMA System

  2. Buy #, Get # Free

  3. Product Discontinued Flag

  4. Backorder Allow Option

  5. Product Substitutions

  6. Multiple Product Locations (Warehouses, Bins etc.)

  7. Product Location Priority

  8. Supplier Product #

  9. Supplier Description

  10. Supplier Price

  11. Duty Percent

  12. Preferred Currency

  13. Tarriff Code

  14. Royalty Flag

  15. Max Ship Items

  16. Product Preferred Ship Method

  17. Backorder Message

  18. Gift Certificate System

  19. Vehicle Title and Serial Number System

  20. Preference to require City name and Zip/Postal Code when adding customers

  21. Customer PIN # and Hint

  22. Customer Date of Birth

  23. Customer Credit Balance

  24. New Customer Fields: Middle Initial, Title and Mobile Phone #

  25. USPS Click-N-Ship Support

  26. Dazzle Support

  27. Automatic calculation of Shipping Insurance

  28. Minimum Order Amount Preference

  29. Automatic Discounts based on Order amount

  30. Automatic Send Catalog option

  31. Override Security Logging

  32. Set your own Customer Search Tab Order

  33. Set your own Order Search Tab Order

  34. Weight in Grams

  35. Average Cost

  36. Close PO Checkbox

  37. Longer PO Message Field

  38. Sale Date Pricing

  39. Expanded Supplier Address Fields

  40. Return Reasons w/ Return to Stock Option

  41. Adjust Inventory Reasons w/ Return to Stock Option

  42. Auto Payment Approval Option

  43. Source Key Lookup at Order Entry

  44. Source Key Ship Charge

  45. Source Key Order Message

  46. Source Key Stationery Code

  47. Shipping Phone Number for each order

  48. Shipping Email Address for each order

  49. Enter Shipping Instructions on each order

  50. Pricing by Source Code

    • Quantity Discounts

    • Discount Amount

    • Discount %

    • Discount Price

    • Add Free Gift

    • First # Customers

    • Order by date

  51. New Payment Methods

    • Direct Deposit

    • Money Order

    • Customer Balance

  52. Selectable Credit Card History

  53. Customer flags (e.g., Bad Credit) pop up warnings during order entry

  54. Order amount limit prompts operator for Management Override (prevents orders over an amount you specify in Security).

  55. Adjust Inventory Reason Codes

  56. Batch Entry for Contact Log

  57. User-Definable Customer Contact Actions

  58. Client/Server Option

  59. New SQL Database

  60. Database Toolset

  61. Query Editor Tool with easy-to-use interface for writing your own SQL queries

  62. Streamlined Interface with standard Windows toolbars on each screen

  63. Larger screens that expand or maximize to fit your screen resolution

  64. New reports

  65. Enhanced Product Search for orders and inventory


NOTE: You can check your build number in the About box, available from the Help text menu item.

2005 Revision History

2005 Build 556
1. Changed email notifications to look for parameters on execution, not
on open (for script compatibility)

Build 555
1. Fixed bug in Process Payments that would show orders with
backorders even if marked hold for backorders.

Build 554
1. Fixed bug in order import that could cause some defaults to be missed.

Build 553
1. Added additional 8708 error check to orders screen.
2. Added Buypass (BPAS) as processor for PC-Charge.

Build 550
1. Changed email notifications to work with scripts.

Build 549
1. Added support for FastMM client/server memory manager.
2. Increased buffer size for client/server memory.

Build 548
1. Fixed operator field in Printorders.dat table.
2. Added server pinging when connecting remotely using Client/Server.
3. Removed NOJOINOPTIMIZE default from reports.
4. Optimized order import to run faster when using Client/Server.
5. Fixed bug on order screen caused when product is out of stock and
do not allow backorders is set on the product.

Build 547
1. Added multiple help desks and made overall improvements to Remote

Build 546
1. Added 8708 error check to orders, products, customers screens.
2. Added option to fix missing fields for “Is Continued” orders on order
3. Added gateways to XAuthorize setup in Preferences dialog and set
to sort by processor name.
4. Added operator and shipping fields to Printorders.dat table.

Build 544
1. Fixed bug in Subproduct Setup which could cause errors when form
was closed.
2. Fixed sizing on HTML windows.
3. Updated USPS click and ship interface to work with site changes.
4. Fixed Customer Notes field entry to allow 250 characters.
5. Fixed Order Import to assign the correct customer’s phone and email
to Order ShipEmail and ShipPhone1 fields.

Build 543
1. Added support for non-numeric approval codes in XCharge.
2. Added shortcuts to the Tools menu for:
Optimize All Tables
Optimize Order Tables
Repair All Tables
Repair Order Tables

Build 539
1. Fixed Import grid on Process Orders to resize when the screen is
2. Updated Shazam reports to automatically add “NOJOINOPTIMIZE” to
generated SQL.
3. Fixed products “Add” button on Vendors screen.
4. Fixed search on Vendors screen.
5. Fixed the sorting for the Supplier field drop down list on the Products
6. Updated Help file (Add/Edit a Product, Reports list and Tutorials)
7. Added/Updated reports:
R5111 RMA Return Advice
R5150 Gift Certificates for Date Range
T5130 This Return Advice
T5250 This Gift Certificate

Build 538
1. Fixed prompt for label position when using Print Label on Order screen
revised report – S1000 This Order Label 5160)
2. Fixed “Print” menu option on RMA screen (requires new report – R5111
RMA Return Advice)

Build 537
1. Added “CurrentPONo” option to Shazam report writer.
2. Added error trapping to Email Notifications.
3. Added Contact Log creation to Email Notifications.
4. Updated Customer Contact Log to be sizeable
5. Updated Customer Contact Log to remember its size.
6. Fixed bug on Order screen which would not allow backorders to be
filled if in stock amount was equal to quantity
7. Fixed bug in product search where incremental search would not
activate if text was already in the box when the form is opened.
8. Removed enter key to tab from Backorder Items dialog, made OK
button the default when enter is pressed.
9. Updated Backorder Items dialog to automatically adjust backorder
qty based on committed qty entered.
10. Updated Backorder Items dialog to cancel when escape key is
11. Fixed bug in price lookup when using quantity discounts for
source key.
12. Fixed bug quantity discounts for source screen field that prevented
for multiple source keys.
13. Fixed bug on order screen where order message could be incorrectly
overwritten if source key was changed.
14. Fixed bug on Send Emails where the form would show even if there
was an error or no emails to be sent.

Build 536
1. Added “Go to last order on open” preference.
2. Fixed bug in product search, “Real-time Incremental Search” checkbox not
checked, even if set as a default in Preferences
3. Added scrolling with arrow keys to the Product Search dialog.
4. Changed Supplier and Product Type to trigger search immediately after
changing on Product Search dialog.
5. Improved keyboard behavior on Product Search dialog.
6. Fixed “Find” on Source Key screen.
7. Updated Payment table on order screen to use 0.00 if Amount is left blank.
8. Removed default to last supplier on Products screen.

Build 535
1. Added option to Order Import to fix Continued field automatically.

Build 534
1. Added updating of payment amount to match amount due on Order screen.
2. Fixed bug on order screen which could cause totals to be wrong after cancel
button was pressed.
3. Fixed Return Item on Order screen to set the Shipped field to 0 instead of blank.
4. Fixed missing fields in database update.

Build 532
1. Upgraded to DBISAM 4.21, Build 6.
2. Fixed Print Invoice to point to correct file when using Client/Server.
3. Removed alt-O hotkey for the Operator field on the Order screen.
4. Fixed order screen so that the old product lookup component is not visible.

Build 531
1. Fixed client/server login to prompt immediately upon startup

Build 530
1. Added new product search form to product screen.
2. Added text “Right-click results grid for menu” to product search screen.
3. Added help button to product search screen.

Build 529
1. Fixed bug when using the Master Code dropdown box on Products screen.
2. Fixed layout on List Subproducts dialog.
3. Fixed “New” button on the Sales Tax form.
4. Changed import menu item to open Order Import.
5. Added ability to set remote database name for Client/Server databases (can have multiple
companies in client/server).
6. Added new product search form to order screen.
7. Added preference to force buffer flushes.
8. Added Remote Assistance feature to main help menu.
9. Fixed customer merge/purge so that after the merge the master record is current.

Build 528
1. Fixed committed weight calculation for UPS export.
2. Updated DBISAM version to 4.20, Build 2

Build 527
1. Added Postnet and ShipPostnet fields to Customer table for PostNet barcoding.
2.Changes to Help and Tutorials.

Build 526
1. Added Paymentech and Verisign gateways to xAuthorize setup.
2. Changed UPS Export to recalculate committed weight total.
3. Added NOJOINOPTIMIZE to Process Orders queries – workaround for join optimization problem.

Build 524
1. Changed “DATE-” type parameters in Email queries to “DATE_” for compatability with DBISAM 4.
2. Changed order import to assign cardholder information from imported name & address.

Build 523
1. Added MwCtrl to the database update if it doesn’t already exist.
2. Fixed Minimum Quantities bug on the order screen.
3. Added minimum quantity field to the order screen details tab.
4. Made paid amount field invisible on gift order screen.
5. Removed ability to scroll through orders on gift order screen.
6. Updated gift order screen to close after cancel.
7. Changed order screen message to show if an order is a child gift order.
8. Changed security to allow company to be changed if an invalid database is opened.

Build 522
1. Added additional payment types, “Money Ordr” and “Direct Dep”.

Build 521
1. Changed Order Import customer match to run .mws file instead of .mwq file
2. Fixed XP sizing on Locations and Location Stock screens.
3. Added Minimum Order Qty field to Product Type Codes form.
4. Fixed Order screen to copy the phone and email address from the correct customer.

Build 520
1. Fixed bug in backup routine caused by attempting to back up DBISAM.LCK file.
2. Added MWCtrl support for working demos.

Build 519
1. Fixed bugs in various screens resulting from memo fields in memory tables not being set to size 0.
2. Fixed bug in Email Notifications, which could be triggered by forced carriage returns in the SQL statement.
3. Updated credit card charging in Process Orders with changes made to the regular credit card charging from the Orders
4. Fixed bugs in various screens resulting from double quotes passed into SQL statements.

Build 500-518
1. Conversion to DBISAM 4, various bug fixes.

2005 Build 510
1. Added quantity discounts when cloning products

2005 Build 509 – 500
1. Added new interface
2. Added new 2005 features
3. Added new DBISAM database


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