Revision History – 2006

This will completely reinstall version 2006 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

New Help SystemNew Help System

Mailware Help has been improved with new topics, easier navigation, enhanced search tools and online access.

Run tutorials, open Mailware screens directly from help topics and search for topics all within the program.

Finding help topics has never been easier.

Special Customer PricingSpecial Customer Pricing

Create unique prices for each customer. You can specify % discounts, $ discounts, quantity discounts and mix and match.

This feature is great for special customers and especially for Wholesale. When you set special pricing the lowest price applies at order entry (and can be overridden) so your customers are guaranteed the best deal.



Assign pictures, Word documents, PDF files – anything you wish, to any product in your inventory.

Images may be uploaded to shopping carts and you may assign as many as you wish to any product.

NOTE: Attachments were added to Customers as well in a later version of Mailware and offer the same functionality.

Enhanced Grids

Enhanced Grids

Starting with the Orders tab of the Customer screen we have added several new features to allow you to customize your views of detailed data.

The new grid allows for sorting, filtering and drill downs.

Contact Logs

Contact Logs

The customer contact log has been expanded to the Product, Order and Supplier screens so you can keep logs related to each of those.

Contact Logs store unlimited length notes, reminders and tasks.

You can also use them to track incidents like repeated product problems from vendors, customer interactions and list management (mailing of catalogs, birthday cards etc.)

Multiple Vendors

Multiple Vendors

Assign products to multiple vendors.

Each product can now have an unlimited number of vendors including supplier product numbers, costs, units of measure etc.

Use multiple suppliers when creating purchase orders, drop ship PO’s and for reporting.

New Main Menu

New Main Menu

We’ve added a new Flash menu. Based on our popular 2005 design, it combines simplicity with power.

Mailware includes several menu options you can choose from the Interface pulldown at the top of the Mailware Explorer screen.

You can even modify or create your own. Use the custom templates to get started.

And More...

And More…

Mailware 2006 introduces many new features too numerous to list.

Check out the partial list below:

Additional New Features

  • Price Override – Item prices on the order screen are automatically locked when you hand enter a new amount. Uncheck the override box to release the lock and allow prices to recalculate.
  • Customer Level Pay Method and Terms – Set defaults for customer accounts and they will appear automatically at order entry.
  • Enhanced Assemblies (Kits) – Now kits can be treated and displayed as a single item. On the order the elements appear in blue (and can be excluded from printed invoices while included on pick lists), and can be deleted as a single unit.
  • Print Tracking – Print invoices and packing lists from any order and Mailware will keep track of the number printed. Avoid accidentally printing duplicates while keeping the option to reprint.
  • Unit of Measure – Differentiate the number of units ordered from your vendors vs. sold to your customers. Now you can order “1” item from a supplier and sell it as 24 (i.e., their single “case” equals your 24 individual items).
  • Special Pricing – We have added a new option to the Special Pricing feature – Buy a Product, Get another Product Free


NOTE: You can check your build number in the About box, available from the Help text menu item.

2006 Revision History

2006, Build 632
1. Fixed bug in Order Import where IsKitItem, IsKitMaster, and
KitMasterNo fields were not being set for assembly items.
2. Changed order import to set item price override to true.Build 631
1. Updated credit card validation routine for Maestro, Switch and Solo
2. Fixed “IsValidateCreditCard” option to use the correct credit card
validation routine.Build 630
1. Added card type to xAuthorize component when using Protx.Build 629
1. Added currency code to xAuthorize credit card settings.Build 628
1. Added option to not immediately print on Dazzle export.Build 627
1. Added Protx and YourPay as gateways for xAuthorize.
2. Changed xAuthorize interface to not pass security code (CVV2) if
3. Fixed “Vendor” and “All” buttons on the PO screen.

Build 626
1. Added additional fields to pass to xAuthorize when using CyberSource.

Build 625
1. Changed credit card authorization to pass email when using xAuthorize and CyberSource.

Build 624
1. Added CyberSource as a gateway option with xAuthorize.
2. Fixed vendor name dropdown on Receive Inventory screen.

Build 623
1. Added ability to manually select tax rate using dropdown box on
Order screen.
2. Added readonly edit box to show current tax rate, and hint to show
type of tax calculation, rate, and reporting code on Order screen.
3. Lengthened tax reporting code field to ten characters.
4. Added database server version to About dialog.
5. Fixed the “Black Screen” Flash menu error on the Main Menu.

Uses client server build 621.

Build 621
1. Fixed Setup Subproducts screen – “cost” was mislabeled as “ship
2. Expanded size of Adjust Inventory screen and set anchors for all
3. Fixed a bug on product screen when using the Master Code dropdown.
4. Added hidden preference to not use formatting for phone fields on
customer search dialog.
5. Fixed adjust inventory to remember last settings used.
6. Updated adjust inventory to store product changes in InvLog.dat table.
7. Added preference to default new orders to On Hold.
8. Fixed process orders to not include orders with backordered items,
if the order is marked to hold for backorders
9. Fixed supplier lookup on Receive Inventory screen to sort correctly.
10. Fixed Purchase Order screen to show product description, added
titles and description field to drop down lookup.
11. Changed StockNo field to Wholesale Price on Subproduct Setup
preview grid.
12. Added “PO #” and “PO Total Rcd” column to Receive Inventory
13. Added “Receive All” button to Receive Inventory screen.

Uses client server build 621.

Build 619
1. Fixed a bug in invoice printing that could cause an error if more than
one workstation tried to print.
2. Fixed bugs when adding mix and match items to order.
3. Fixed nonworking scroll buttons on Customer screen, when not on
the main tabs.
4. Added preference to use incremental searching in product search.
5. Changed the product search to default to the product field rather than
full text search.
6. Fixed bug in product search where initial search text was not
7. Changed product search to start at the last item selected in the
search dialog.
8. Added ability to mark source keys as discontinued and filter them
out when searching on the order screen.

Build 618
1. Fixed 10242 errors that could occur in specific circumstances
2. Revised and updated help with new topics, navigation and search.

Build 615
1. Added “(Readonly)” to the “View Product Details” menu item on the
order screen.
2. Made various changes to the custom pricing grid on the Customer
3. Added product code ranges to custom pricing on the Customer screen.
4. Fixed bugs that could be triggered by overriding the price of an item on
the order screen.
5. Added TrackingNo field to the Items table.
6. Added lookup button for shipping address lookup.

Build 614
1. Fixed order screen bug where first typed key was ignored on new
orders. (The … button in the field has been temporarily disabled in
the first line. Use the F2 key on your keyboard to open the search
2. New Feature – Added custom pricing by customer. Open the customer
screen and click the Special Pricing tab.

Build 613
1. Added BIN field to Products (Inventory) screen.

Build 612
1. Fixed bugs that occurred when opening help topic or tutorial from an
already open help or tutorial window.
2. Added “Free with Purchase” special offer to source key.

2006 Build 611 – 600
1. Added new interface
2. Added new 2006 features


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