Revision History – 2007

This will completely reinstall version 2007 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

New Navigation Interface

We’ve made hundreds of features easier to find – they are all just one click away. The new list view displays all your open orders and their statuses.It couldn’t be easier to find and finish open orders.

Our progress bar tracks each step of a process, just like a web page. Never get lost – step back or forward and see exactly when you are done.


NOTE: You can check your build number in the About box, available from the Help text menu item.

2007 Revision History

Build 719 (Client/Server requires new version of database server)
1. Fixed order item grid to allow date changes.
2. Fixed New Order button on customer screen.
3. Added Merchant E-Solutions to xAuthorize gateway list.
4. Fixed left panel buttons on order entry form to always save currently
opened order first.
5. Fixed calculation problem with adjust inventory trigger
6. Fixed Order Screen – turned off posting of edited item on grid exit;
turned on posting of edited item on frame exit
7. Fixed error caused by deleting item with one or fewer titles on order
entry screen.
8. Fixed browse menu showing up in the main menu.
9. Fixed Customize button causing product not found error.
10. Fixed F2 on grid when the productno is highlighted in blue causing
Access Violation error
11. Fixed item discount on order screen not marking item as price
12. Fixed Receive All button on Receive inventory screen not anchored
correctly.Build 718
1. Added optional ticket override field (non-data field) on payment screen.Build 717
1. Renamed “Customer Service” tab on order screen to “Customers”.
2. Added CurrentOperatorNo to report filters.
3. Added ClientOperatorID, ClientOperatorFirstName,
ClientOperatorLastName for use in reports. (Note – like other “Client…”
fields, will not show values until report is saved once and reopened)
4. Updated standalone customer form with new fields.
5. Fixed Order Entry product lookup screen to show typed text in search
dialog.Build 716
1. Fixed bug with credit card lookup from Payment dialog.
2. Enlarged “Take An Order” button on Order Entry screen.
3. Added tax lookup dialog to Order Entry screen.
4. Added green dot to indicate next/finished button on Order Entry
5. Added order note field to Order Entry screen.
6. Added optional product description to item grid.
7. Added save of order grid configuration to local file.
8. Added menu item on order form to reset order grid to default
9. Improved status bar on Update Database screen.
10. Fixed AV errors on order screen due to tables being inactive.
11. Fixed bug when searching on SalesRep on Customer Search dialog.
12. Added save of order form size and maximized position
13. Fixed bug with discount editing on order screen.
14. Fixed bug with location editing on order screen.
15. Fixed order screen buttons to highlight correctly when using
Customer Service panel.

Build 714
1. Fixed anchors for More and Message Options buttons on order entry
2. Fixed bug that would cause order item quantity to be adjusted
incorrectly when entering backordered items.
3. Added billing and shipping title fields to order entry screen.
4. Added billing middle initial field to order entry screen.
5. Added properties buttons for operator and source key on the order
entry screen.
6. Added icons and color bars to Order Info tab on order entry screen.
7. Added field name captions for shipping fields on order entry screen.

Build 713
1. Added custom reports list generation when Reports tab is selected.
2. Fixed Order Entry where correct customer would sometimes not show
correctly when using Back button.
3. Fixed Order List to generate a live request query.
4. Changed Order List to sort by order number and go to the last order
number when opening.
5. Changed Order List to use refresh rather than running the query again
when possible.
6. Fixed Customer screen to not attempt to open website if website field
is blank.
7. Added button for Order Message properties on Order Entry screen.
8. Added “More” button on Order Entry screen that opens the Order
Details screen.
9. Changed Order Entry to go to the order just worked on when “Come
Back Later” or “Finished” button is clicked.
10. Improved the generic grid edit dialog, used for some setup screens.

Build 712
1. Fixed Order Entry to prevent order from being inserted twice while
navigating with back/next buttons.
2. Fixed Order Entry to always show the correct customer on the Edit
Customer screen.
3. Changed Order Entry to have the back button on Find Customer go the
order list.
4. Changed Order Entry to not allow access to Find Customer once a
customer has been assigned to the order.
5. Fixed Order Entry to carry search text over to customer form when
adding a new customer.
6. Added button to customer screen to open website field in browser.
7. Fixed Order Entry tab bar to close order when close button (X) is
8. Added Order Message 1 field to the order screen.
9. Fixed error when adding or editing gift orders from order screen.
10. Added GiftOrdersAmt field for Master gift orders, and added field to
order screen.

Build 711
1. Fixed return amounts showing as a negative quantity.
2. Fixed updating of product Instock amount when editing stock for
multiple locations.
3. Fixed order item to force commit if out of stock but amount to commit
is entered in dialog.
4. Added All orders tab to Order List screen, and added button to find
today’s orders.
5. Fixed order entry to automatically cancel order if back button is hit
before items are added.
6. Changed Order List to sort by order number in descending order.
7. Added ability to specify product location on order item and see
available locations and stock amounts.
8. Added idxOrderDt index for OrderDt field to Orders table.
9. Fixed error when authorizing store credit or gift certificates on order

Build 710
1. Added missing fields to Printorder and Printitems tables.
2. Fixed top level File menu on Orders screen to stop it from going to
Take an Order.
3. Fixed spelling of “Install Notes” on order details screen.
4. Fixed install information fields not being editable when order details
screen opened with Details button.
5. Fixed lookup fields on order screen to always work with F2.
6. Fixed order options & links panels not showing when editing orders.
7. Fixed cancel on order to go back to Order List.
8. Fixed error when adding orders in demo mode.

Build 709
1. Changed order install notes from memo to string field to fix error in
process orders.

Build 708
1. Added button for Tracking Numbers to order options panel
2. Added installation fields to Order screen.
3. Fixed New button & menu option on order screen to open new order
4. Added allocation fields to product screen.
5. Added SIC, corporate client number, and website fields to customer
6. Fixed resizing on Products and Customer screen.
7. Added verification prompt when changing stock location on Products

Build 707
1. Fixed the edit order button on the customer screen.
2. Added REQ_ fields to Items table.
3. Added Font bolding to Order navigation buttons.
4. Fixed the add/new order buttons on the customer screen.
5. Changed Edit Order button on order screen to look up the current order
in the order list if on that page.
6. Changed Order screen to show “Edit Order:” on header when editing,
rather than “Take An Order:”.

Build 706
1. Fixed the Edit Order buttons on the Process Orders screen.
2. Fixed the Find Order option when used from the main menu.

Build 705
1. Changed tabs on order screen to be non-clickable 2. Fixed operator ID
on list view if client/server not being used.

Build 704
1. Fixed committed calculation

Build 703
1. New look for Order Entry left navigation panel and buttons.
2. Added functions for “Stop Order” on Order Entry screen.
3. Fixed buttons on Order Entry screen that were sticking in the down
4. Fixed Operator ID drop down on Order List screen – widened drop down
box to make names visible.
5. Moved Refresh button on Order List screen.
6. Fixed Hide/Show button on Setup navigation panel to show correct up
or down arrow.

Build 702
1. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Build 701
1. New interface, new features for 2007


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