Revision History – 2008

This will completely reinstall version 2008 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

QuickBooks ExportQuickBooks Export

Export the information you collect in Mailware in QuickBooks format. Mailware exports your Sales (including Shipping and Sales Tax), your Accounts Receivable and your Accounts Payable (including creation of the vendor account if it does not exist). All you need to do in QuickBooks is write checks, print reports and export to your accountant for taxes.

Wand to BoxWand to Box

Ready to pack and ship? Our new box wanding feature ensures the correct and total number of items are sent to the customer.

Use this feature during batch order processing to wand individual items into each order’s box and release it to shipping. No more incorrect orders, duplicate orders or unshipped items.

Improved Product Search

Improved Product Search

Dramatically improved product search screen with the ability to add products to the order right from the search, loads of new search fields, a single, simple Full Text Search that automatically searches multiple fields. And, it is all fully customizable.


NOTE: You can check your build number in the About box, available from the Help text menu item.

2008 Revision History

2008, Build 819 (New C/S version: DBSRVR_MW_2008_819)
1. Added LastUpdated field to order related tables.
2. Updated triggers to change LastUpdated field automatically.

2008, Build 818
1. Changed some lookups to grid mode to improve performance.
2. Lengthened credit card merchant ID number field from 20 characters to 30.

2008, Build 817
1. Changed box wanding to delete box if there is only one and it is empty when
closing dialog.
2. Fixed box wanding to correctly check hold date for orders on hold.
3. Enabled “Search by UPC Code” checkbox on box wanding screen to allow
searching by product code.
4. Added preference to not process payments in Process Orders if item total
equals zero.
5. Fixed double click on product search grid.

2008, Build 814
1. Drop ship and non inventory fields added to the stock locations.

2. An access group field has been added to the security setup for
operators.  Operators in the same group will be able to see each others
orders and customers if the “restrict to own orders & customers”
checkbox is checked.
3. A new preference for invoice copies is available under the Printers tab
in the Preferences dialog.
4.The product in stock field has been added to the items detail tab on
the order screen.

2008, Build 813
1. Changed product search results grid to not load all records when
opened, to speed up client/server access.

2008, Build 812
1. Changed product search to not add selected item to order entry screen
if Add buttons have been used.
2. Fixed “Copy Address” button on customer screen to copy Address 3
3. Added warning if quantity of product being added to order is greater
than amount in stock.
4. Fixed order product search screen status label to show amount
actually added to order, not amount requested.
5. Fixed order product search screen to update stock amount after item is
added to order with button.
6. Fixed order product search to cancel item if error occurred while adding
to order with button.
7. Fixed custom and product type fields on product search layout area.
8. Added option to remove “Show Discontinued Items” checkbox from
order product search.
9. Added button on subscription tab to show/hide expired subscriptions.
10. Added mouse hints to fields in layout area of product search screen.

2008, Build 811
1. Added subscription table to database update.
2. Fixed error caused by logging into database before update, when new
operator access options have been added.
3. Fixed checkbox on Access Settings screen used to restrict operator to
own orders & customers.
4. Changed sales rep on customer screen to be readonly if operator is
restricted to own orders & customers.
5. Fixed filtering problem after customer deletion when operator is
restricted to own orders & customers.
6. Fixed error when opening gift order screen.
7. Fixed product search on Order screen to filter out inactive products on
8. Added fourth custom field to product table.
9. Added ability to name product custom fields in preferences.
10. Redesign of product search on order screen – added custom fields,
layout view, new grid, customization, ability to add item to order
without closing.

2008, Build 810
1. Added box wanding screen to process orders.

2008, Build 809
1. Fixed grid to expand with resizing on Email screen.
2. Fixed tab order on Email dialog.
3. Added subscription options to products, customers

2008, Build 808
1. Fixed problem with Preferences form opening incorrectly.
2. Added option to set Operator ID field on Orders screen to readonly.
3. Added option to set Order Dt field on Orders screen to readonly.

2008, Build 807
1. Fixed suppliers not showing products when using multiple suppliers.
2. Added email button to supplier screen.
3. Fixed order item grid to allow date changes.
4. Added ticket field to payment dialog.
5. Added security option for Payments to make approval code readonly.  (Must use Authorize button.)
6. Added security option for Payments to lock & hide credit card payment info after approval.
7. Fixed payment authorization to check for canceled payments before opening authorize dialog.
8. Changed payment to allow authorization if approval code is “DECLINED”.

2008, Build 806
1. Fixed error caused by deleting item with one or fewer titles on order entry screen.
2. Changed full text product search now searches for partials (automatically puts a “*” at the end of each search term).

2008, Build 805 (New C/S version)
1. Fixed calculation problem with adjust inventory trigger

2008, Build 804
1. Fixed Receive All button on Receive inventory screen not anchored correctly.
2. Fixed Rcvd field on PO not set to readonly.
3. Changed PO – Removed ability to delete PO items when product has already
been received.
4. Fixed PO linking for multiple suppliers to match correct supplier number.
5. Fixed item discount on order screen not marking item as price override.
6. Fixed left panel buttons on order entry form to always save currently opened
order first.
7. Fixed navigation buttons on PO.
8. Fixed navigation buttons on receive inventory.

2008, Build 803
1. Added Product search automatically shows matching items if text entered
2. Fixed Customize button causing product not found error.
3. Changed Full Text Search field on Product Search now capitalizes entries
4. Added option to default product search to the Full Text Search field.
5. Fixed Order Screen – turned off posting of edited item on grid exit; turned on
posting of edited item on frame exit
6. Fixed incorrect login bypasses security
7. Fixed browse menu showing up in the main menu.
8. Fixed F2 on grid when the productno is highlighted in blue causing Access
Violation error
9. Fixed vendor name on Receive Inventory not sorted by vendor name

2008, Build 802
1. Fixed New Order button on customer screen.
2. Added Merchant E-Solutions to xAuthorize gateway list.
3. Fixed customer screen to allow first/prior/next/last record buttons to work
when filtering for own customers
4. Added idxSalesRep index to Customer table.

2008, Build 801
1. Added filter for current operator security option for order and customer
2. Added preference to default new customer sales rep to the current operator.


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