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What’s New in Mailware 2010

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Multi Channel Manager (MCM)Multi Channel Manager (MCM)

We have added several new carts and updated a few. Plus, the MCM can be easily updated to work with any MySQL, SQL Server, XML or .csv cart. Don’t see your cart in the list? Just ask.

The MCM runs on your desktop and communicates directly with all your channels – no 3rd party hosting required. It automatically:

  • Downloads Orders
  • Uploads Products
  • Uploads Product changes
  • Uploads Order Status

A tab for each cart is added to the Product screen with the cart’s specific fields. Create as many product variations to upload as you like for as many accounts as you have with each cart.

Downloads are automatic as are product changes, online order status etc.

New carts are being added regularly and you can request any you like. Grow your business with multiple web stores and a single inventory all managed by Mailware.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)Customer Relations Management Tool (CRM)

We have added a fully integrated customer managment tool for direct sales, multiple contacts per account, Lead management, Opportunity management and reporting.

The CRM is connected directly to the Mailware customer database and includes reminders, notes and fields compatible with other CRM systems like Salesforce and Sugar.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

Mailware encrypts stored credit card numbers, does not store the CVV2 code or any other sensitive information and displays card numbers with masking (e.g., 4*** **** **** 1234) as part of your PCI Compliant toolset.


2010 Revision History

Mailware 2010, Build 1021
1. Changed xAuthorize interface to not include Customer ID for Pay Trace gateway charges.
Mailware 2010, Build 1020
1. Adds Pay Trace and other gateways to the xAuthorize gateway list

MCM 2010, Build 1019.1.1038
1. Fixed index creation order bug for
2. Fixed start and end sale date for Amazon product uploads.
3. Added calculation of, Amazon, and eBay ship method based on tracking number.

Mailware 2010, Build 1019
1. Changed RMA Refund screen to allow selected credit card number to be seen for refund processing
2. Changed RMA Refund to blank credit card number after saving as authorized
3. Made UPC a required field for listings
4. Changed Customer and Product attachments so that adding a file will now prompt to copy the file into the attachments directory. If the file exists, a prompt will confirm before overwriting. If file is missing when opened, a specific error message will show.
5. Added hyperlink setup for CRM HTML tabs to Preferences screen, changed Google tab name to “Online Email”
6. Fixed anchors on RMA screen.

MCM 1018.3.1037
1. Fixed Shopify order import loop problem

MCM 1018.2.1036
1. Changed order import to use new “shipping-lines” element array if present
2. Changed order imports to sort by OrderDt and AltOrderNo1 before importing

Mailware 2010 Build 1018
1. Fixed the “Commit inventory on import” checkbox on the channel setup screens

MCM 1018.1.1035
1. Added check on product upload for UPC length >;= 12
2. Changed Ship_Company_Name to Ship_To_Company for order import
3. Added AltOrderNo2 to the MySQL/MS-SQL imports. (Will still default to cart name if left blank)
4. Added ability to automatically calculate shipping charges for MySQL/MS-SQL carts
5. Added specific error log entry for file import errors
6. Added trim to check for blank Receipt_Item_ID for order import

MCM 1017.6.1034
1. Fixed MCM only downloading first item on orders
2. Added FBA Service Status to ChannelLog and added additional logs on errors
3. Added Items information to MySQL/MS-SQL shipping confirmation upload (temp_mailware_shipconfirmuploaditems)

Mailware 2010, Build 1016
1. Added Offer Expedited Shipping checkbox and Expedited Shipping Amt field to product tab.

MCM 1016.4.1026
1. Fixed product upload access violation when there are no records to upload
2. Changed shipping confirmation & product uploads to always create upload file even if there are no records to upload.

MCM 1016.3.1025
1. Fixed shipping confirmation upload – query was not being opened

MCM 2010 1016.2.1024
1. Moved main error trapping to a higher level to make sure that errors are added to the log

MCM 2010 1016.1.1023
1. Added product upload
2. Changed the expiration date to 01/31/2011

Mailware 2010, Build 1015
1. Changed item discounts on Order screen to allow fractional percentages
2. Added run now buttons for Shipping & Product Upload to Amazon Channel setup dialog
3. Fixed message shown when using the run Shipping Upload button
4. Changed length of Shipmethod & related fields to 30 characters
5. Fixed message about log when using adjust inventory screen
6. Changed Items AltItemNo length to 30 characters

MCM 2010, Build 1015.1.1021
1. Changed customer add/edit to set customer price level to Retail (R) to fix Assembly pricing
2. Added eBay tracking number upload
3. Changed eBay import to combine transactions from the same customer into a single order
4. Added message checking to Amazon channel
5. Changed AltItemNo for eBay to be set to the TransactionID + “-” + ItemID
6. Changed Amazon channel to create forms even if no accounts are currently active

MCM 1014.4.1018
1. Fixed eBay quantity not being assigned correctly on order imort
2. Fixed eBay duplicate line items when importing orders with multiple pages in response
3. Fixed Amazon error logging when downloading & importing orders to always use “Order Download” as Action

MCM 1014.2.1016
1. Fixed potential memory leak in Amazon order download (Marketplace only)
2. Fixed “Parameter not found” error when running integration scripts
3. Added additional error checking on Amazon order download, additional error logs, and a 30 second delay after error

Mailware 1014
1. Changed custom cart setup to allow 2 accounts instead of 1
2. Added order download button to Amazon account setup dialog
3. Added ChannelNo and ChannelAccountNo to Script table for use by the MCM

MCM 1014.1.1015
1. Added OrderNote, ShippingInstructions, and SalesRep fields to order import
2. Changed SQL scripting to use Script table to find matching scripts by Channel and ChannelAccount.  (If none found, will use old method)
3. Added MCM logging (ChannelLog table)
4. Changed MCM Amazon shipping confirmation upload to not update tracking table if error occurs on upload
5. Fixed potential memory leaks in FBA, Volusion

Mailware 1010
Form name to call: ProcessExpBatch
Table name is: temp_ProcessExpBatch
It must have an OrderNo, PaymentNo, and CardNo (blank) field

1. Added refresh when opening tracking dialog from order screen.
2. Changed OrderDet OrderNo field from integer to float.
3. Fixed Order search where only the first search using AltOrderNo1 worked.
4. Fixed order screen to highlight correct tab when editing order.
5. Fixed order screen to have Next button prompt to mark finished when clicked on order entry screen.
6. Added setup screen and product tab.
7. Added ChannelLog table to database update.

Mailware 1009 (Requires server DBSRVR_MW_2010_1009)
1. Changed credit card trigger to not blank credit card if encrypt flag not set.
2. Fixed error causing Mailware to close in some cases when new FBA listing added.
3. Fixed SKU field sometimes not allowing more than 20 characters when “Use Mailware Product Number as SKU” selected.
4. Fixed inconsistent updating of SKU, price, and instock fields in channel listings when override boxes selected.
5. Added RepricingFolderID field to ChannelListings table and Amazon listings tab

MCM 1009.1.1007
1. Fixed potential error on FBA inventory update
2. Changed ChannelMAX FTP upload to remove tabs and returns before uploading
3. Added FolderID to ChannelMAX upload file

MCM 1009.2.1008
1. Fixed Amazon SKU match to be case sensitive
2. Fixed subtraction of backorder quantities for Amazon product upload

Mailware 1008
1. Added Just Add Commerce channel

MCM 1008.1.1005
1. Added Just Add Commerce channel

MCM 1008.2.1006
1. Changed Just Add Commerce to verify that order XML is complete before importing
2. Fixed multiple items not importing for Just Add Commerce orders.
3. Added exception blocks for all top level procedures
4. Fixed pay method check for “Mastercard” to “Master Card” for Just Add Commerce order import.
5. Added translation of full state to abbreviation (using State table) for Just Add Commerce order import.

1. Fixed credit card encryption on Mailware Web order import
2. Fixed USPS Click & Ship navigation and potential page errors when missing address information
3. Changed USPS Click & Ship interface to use Order ship phone before customer phone

1. Fixed credit card encryption on order import
2. Enabled Fulfillment By Amazon setup option, Product tab, and integration with MCM
3. Changed Shopify order download to check for available nodes on download
4. Changed Shopify order download to put the “gateway” value in Payment CardNo field if there is no credit card number.

MCM 1006.1.1004
1. Changed Shopify order import to check for node existence in XML to avoid possible errors
2. Added country code lookup to customer creation

1. Fixed problem with Shopify order download

1. Added Shopify integration to Channels

CRM – Added “Save & Next Record” button to the leads tab         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:11:42 UTC 2009

CRM – Added edit form for the opportunities tab         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:09:06 UTC 2009

CRM – Added InterestLevel field to opportunities with a dropdown for Cold, Warm, and Hot         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:05:45 UTC 2009

CRM – Added quick search to the accounts tab         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:10:03 UTC 2009

CRM – Changed “Create Task” button on opportunities tab to “Create Task for this Opportunity”         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:07:29 UTC 2009

CRM – Changed grids and forms to save customized layouts to registry         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:13:19 UTC 2009

CRM – Changed the leads tab to allow entry of new leads         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:12:01 UTC 2009

CRM – Fixed double click on Open Tasks grid         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:04:05 UTC 2009

CRM – Fixed dropdowns on the leads tab         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:08:36 UTC 2009

CRM – Fixed left buttons on opportunities tab         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:06:23 UTC 2009

CRM – Widened the card view format for contacts         Mailware 1001     Fri Aug 07 20:11:02 UTC 2009


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