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This will completely reinstall version 2011 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

What’s New in Mailware 2011

Feature Announcement #1

Cross Docking

Filling orders from received merchandise used to mean entering them into inventory first, then pulling them back out to complete a customer’s order. With the new Cross Docking feature you can receive items directly from purchase orders to orders.

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Feature Announcement #2

Serialized Inventory

Receive inventory from purchase orders and simultaneously scan unique serial numbers for each product. Then sell and track serial numbers to customers. Serial numbers are stored at the product level and can be viewed including received date and operator.

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Feature Announcement #3

Enhanced Purchase Orders

We’ve added new features to the purchase order system like line item discounts (% and $), Terms, Required Dates, minimum purchase amounts and free freight thresholds. New fields are tied to enhanced feature sets in the Supplier and Receive Inventory screens for a more robust purchasing system.

Feature Announcement #4

Enhanced Receive Inventory

You can scan items, including UPC Codes, without using the keyboard (other than a keystroke to receive multiple quantities). We’ve added an admin override feature if the cost doesn’t match what was on the PO and added a % and $ discount field that carries over from the PO and can be modified. Plus you can adjust prices from the packing list/invoice, and then post to inventory. Serial numbers can be scanned in at Receive Inventory now and stored (see the Serialized Inventory feature).

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Feature Announcement #5

Enhanced Substitutions

We added additional substitutions, which now work for kits, with a prompt on the order screen to select which item they want to substitute (or it can do it automatically based on highest inventory)

2011 Revision History

v1143.4.1123    06/27/2013
1. Added DLH Global Mail (8) to shipping confirmation upload
2. Fixed Volusion email import, imports all email customer emails before orders
MCM 2011, Build 1136.1.1109 
1. Fixed XML encoding for Volusion order download
2. Changed Volusion to convert DSC-* products to DISCOUNT 

Mailware 2011, 
1. Fixed payment authorization on Process Orders screen.


Mailware 2011,  Build 1134

Mailware 2011, 

  1. Changed USAEPAY gateway to blank out currency property when charging credit card

Mailware 2011, 

  1. Added Ship First Name and Ship Company to orders grid on Customer screen
  2. Added On Order, Expected Dt, On Backorder, BO Expected Dt fields to product search screen. (Not visible by default – make visible by using the grid customization dropdown button at the top left of the grid.)

Mailware 2011, 
1. Changed gift orders items ship to name to first + last name, or company if names are blank, on order screen

Mailware 2011, 

  1. Added option to show gift items in order item grid
  2. Added gift order items tab to order screen (readonly)
  3. Added ability to open gift order screen by double clicking on gift order item

Mailware 2011, Build

  1. Changed item discounts on Order screen to allow fractional percentages
  2. Added option to commit inventory on import to the channel setup dialog
  3. Added run now buttons for Shipping & Product Upload to Amazon Channel setup dialog
  4. Fixed ItemProduct: LocationNo field not found error on Receive Inventory screen

 Build 1128

1. Fixed “invalid floating point” error when receiving inventory with zero received
2. Made UPC a required field for listings
3. Fixed Order screen previous addresses error on residential/commercial flag
4. Fixed the wording for the VAT tax preference on the Products tab
5. Added hyperlink setup for CRM HTML tabs to Preferences screen, changed Google tab name to “Online Email”
6. Fixed Product Type field dropdown to autodrop on entry on the Product screen
7. Fixed Order screen not tabbing through ship to first name field

Mailware 2011, Build 1127

  1. Fixed table locked error when running database backup
  2. Changed RMA Refund screen to allow selected credit card number to be seen for refund processing
  3. Changed RMA Refund to blank credit card number after saving as authorized
  4. Changed Customer and Product attachments so that adding a file will now prompt to copy the file into the attachments directory. If the file exists, a prompt will confirm before overwriting. If file is missing when opened, a specific error message will show.

MCM 1127.1.1104

  1. Fixed start and end sale date for Amazon product uploads.

Mailware 2011, Build 1126

  1. Fixed the Vendor screen to show the first tab when opened
  2. Fixed parameter assignment on the PO report

Mailware 2011, Build 1125

  1. Added email as attachment option to PO screen menu
  2. Added new PO report that exports to .pdf file
  3. Added preference to select email notification to use when emailing PO
  4. Added ability to include attachment with email notification
  5. Removed the help navigation panel on the Mailware Explorer screen
  6. This uses MCM build 1124


MCM 1124.3.1103

  1. Fixed index creation order bug for

MCM 1124.2.1102

  1. Added check on product upload for UPC length >;= 12
  2. Changed Ship_Company_Name to Ship_To_Company on order import
  3. Added AltOrderNo2 to the MySQL/MS-SQL imports. (Will still default to cart name if left blank)
  4. Added ability to automatically calculate shipping charges for MySQL/MS-SQL carts
  5. Added specific error log entry for file import errors
  6. Added trim to check for blank Receipt_Item_ID for order import
  7. Changed order import to use new “shipping-lines” element array if present
  8. Changed order imports to sort by OrderDt and AltOrderNo1 before importing
  9. Fixed Shopify order import loop problem

MCM 1124.1.1101

  1. Updated with current features (1017.6.1034)
  2. Added Lot # support

Build 1124

  1. Added lot number, expiration date, and notes to multiple location inventory


v1143.4.1123    06/27/2013
    1. Added DLH Global Mail (8) to shipping confirmation upload
    2. Fixed Volusion email import, imports all email customer emails before orders

Mailware 2011, Build 1123

  1. Added order number to the shipping screen
  2. Changed ConnectShip interface to always include PROOFLAG element

v1143.3.1122    05/16/2013
    1. Changed Amazon product upload to match shipping confirmations method


Build 1118

  1. Changed PO to default the Supplier Discount % to the PO Discount %, instead of applying them to the Item Discount %
  2. Fixed PO line items to default to the existing PO Discount % when new items are added
  3. Fixed floating PO Discount % label on the PO screen
  4. Fixed the search dialog on the Suppliers screen

Build 1117

  1. Added setup dialog for Shipping Method calcuations (at Shipping)
  2. Changed ConnectShip interface to request proof of signature if marked on Order
  3. Changed ConnectShip interface to request insurance if marked on order
  4. Changed ConnectShip interface to use Residential flag is marked on order
  5. Changed ConnectShip interface to use the Shipper set in Box table
  6. Added IsResidential and ShipIsResidential fields to Customer table
  7. Added ShipIsResidential, IsSignatureRequired, IsShipInsured fields to Orders table
  8. Added WeightTo, OrderAmtFrom, OrderAmtTo, Country, State, SelectType, POShipMethod,
  9. ResidentialShipMethod, InternationalShipMethod fields to ActualShip table
  10. Added idxResort index to ActualShip table
  11. Added new shipping method calculation procedure to Box Shipping
  12. Added Residential checkboxes to Customer screen addresses
  13. Added Phone extension fields to Customer screen
  14. Added Ship Insured and Signature Required checkboxes to Shipping tab on Order screen
  15. Added Residential checkboxes to addresses on Order screen
  16. Added menu item to open ship method calculation dialog screen
  17. Added preference to automatically set Signature Required on Order screen if item total
  18. is over a certain dollar amount
  19. Added preference to automatically set Ship Insured on Order screen if item total
  20. is over a certain dollar amount

Build 1116

  1. Added progress updates to all Process Orders tabs
  2. Changed progress bar on Process Orders to minimize redraws, and update on full percentage change only
  3. Added Purchase Order discounts to PO screen
  4. Added Purchase Order discounts to Receive Inventory screen
  5. Fixed floating delete button on PO screen

Build 1111

  1. Added USB scale option to shipping preferences
  2. Added MT PS series scale reading via USB to box shipping
  3. Changed Receive Inventory screen to not automatically add new receipt record
  4. Fixed Cross Docking (renamed from Quick Fill) feature, added new processing screen
  5. Fixed Receive inventory to mark item as serialized when added

Build 1110

  1. Lengthened ShipMeth field (and variants) throughout application
  2. Added two additional substitution product numbers to Product substitution dialog
  3. Added option to substitute highest stock to Product substitution dialog
  4. Changed Shipping to only print invoices for serialized inventory
  5. Added ability to choose from multiple substitutions to Order screen
  6. Added ability to substitute kit items to Order screen
  7. Added ability to automatically substitute highest stock item to Order screen

Build 1109

  1. Fixed ConnectShip integration to use the Shipper code from the ConnectShipSetup table, based on the order CompanyNo
  2. Added index for OrderDet.Priority field
  3. Added OverrideCompanyNo field to Products table
  4. Added MinimumFreeFreightPurchaseAmt, CreditLineAmt, CoOpPct fields to Supplier table
  5. Changed scale configuration
  6. Removed CRLF from scale write
  7. Added dropdown Company field to Orders screen
  8. Added automatic assigment of Company on order screen based on the company specified for the operator
  9. Added company override by product to the order screen.
  10. Added company field to Operator dialog form.
  11. Added Setup button for company to Operator dialog form.
  12. Added Check All / Uncheck All buttons to all tabs on Process Orders
  13. Added ability to refresh by priority for all tabs on Process Orders
  14. Changed Fill Backorders on Process Orders to fill “RUSH” priority items first
  15. Added progress indicators to all tabs on Process Orders
  16. Changed Refresh process for all tabs on Process Orders to disable grid while refreshing.
  17. Added Company Override dropdown to products screen
  18. Added Company Setup button to products screen (Admin only)
  19. Added MPA for Free Freight, Credit Line, and Co-op% fields to Supplier screen
  20. Added Minimum for Free Freight field to PO screen
  21. Fixed PO discount to not default to 0
  22. Fixed possible error when using Receive Address dropdown
  23. ALSO: See new MCM build that fixes the eBay order message bug

Build 1108

  1. Changed generic edit dialog to center on main form instead of screen
  2. Added SubtotalAmt, DiscountAmt, ItemAmt, Terms, RequiredDt, SupplierDiscountPct to PO table
  3. Changed POItem Description field length to 50
  4. Added DiscountPct, DiscountAmt, DiscountTotalAmt, TotalCostAmt fields to POItems table
  5. Added DefaultTerms, DiscountPct, BuyerOperatorID, DefaultFOB, VendorCode, MinimumPurchaseAmt fields to Supplier table
  6. Added DiscountPct, DiscountAmt fields to ProductSuppliers table
  7. Added ReceivingAddresses table
  8. Changed scale interface to set parity bits to even and remove extra CRLF code
  9. Fixed product search dialog to use the ProductSuppliers table correctly
  10. Added UPC, UPC2, and UPC3 to the full text search on the product search dialog
  11. Fixed message after Adjust Inventory is complete
  12. Added override of POItem DiscountPct & DiscountAmt from ProuductSuppliers after product search
  13. Added MAP field to Products screen
  14. Added Discount % and Discount Amt fields to Suppliers tab on Product screen
  15. Added Vendor Code, Default FOB, MPA, Default Terms, Discount %, Buyer fields to Supplier screen
  16. Added Required Dt, Terms to PO screen
  17. Added Subtotal, Discounts to PO form and changed total calculation to subtract discounts
  18. Added Minimum Purchase Amount to PO form.  Field changes to Yellow if the amount is not met.
  19. Added Discount %, Discount Amt, Disounted Cost Amt and related calculations to PO Items grid on PO screen
  20. Added Expected date to PO Items grid on PO screen.
  21. Added Prompt to change line item expected dates if PO expected date is changed
  22. Added default to current PO expected date for PO items
  23. Added default to supplier discount % when new PO line items are added.
  24. Added multiple Ship To addresses setup dialog, accessible from the PO Setup menu
  25. Added dropdown to select from multiple Ship To addresses on PO screen
  26. Added default to Supplier FOB and Terms when creating new PO
  27. Added delete item button to PO screen
  28. Added default to PO item Discount % and Discount Amt when adding PO items to Receive Inventory screen
  29. Fixed line item discount calculation on Receive Inventory screen to using rounding

Build 1102:

  1. Added UPC2 and UPC3 fields to Products table
  2. Changed Box Shipping to search all three UPC fields and Product #
  3. Added Invoice printing to Box Shipping (Uses “R5104 Box Invoice.srw” report`, triggered by “Finished Packing Order” button)
  4. Added ConnectShip interface to Box Shipping (Triggered by “Finished Packing Order” button)
  5. Added CurrentBoxShipOrderNo report filter option, which uses the current order number in the box scan screen
  6. Added NotAvailableForSale location option to product multiple location inventory.

You can set up the report by copying “R5100 This Invoice.srw” and renaming the copy “R5104 Box Invoice.srw”.  Then replace the CurrentOrderNo field with CurrentBoxShipOrderNo.

Connectship XML requests are logged in the ConnectShipLog table.  It will show the XML request, the XML result, and an error message if applicable.  This can be used to determine if the settings are correct and if the connection to the XML server is being made.

Multi Channel Manager (MCM)Multi Channel Manager (MCM)

We have added several new carts and updated a few. Plus, the MCM can be easily updated to work with any MySQL, SQL Server, XML or .csv cart. Don’t see your cart in the list? Just ask.

The MCM runs on your desktop and communicates directly with all your channels – no 3rd party hosting required. It automatically:


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