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This will completely reinstall version 2012 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

What’s New in Mailware 2012

Feature Announcement #1

Multiple Customer Contacts

Now you can have multiple billing addresses for each customer (multiple shipping addresses are already available in previous versions).

Great for organizations where you do business with multiple departments. Keep all your contact information under one account.

Benefits: Keep big groups together in a single account, simplify billing, improve customer service

Feature Announcement #2

Duplicate Orders

Go to any order in Mailware and make a duplicate. Then change anything you like. This feature makes it easy to re-create an order for a customer who calls and says, “Send me the same thing as last time.”

Plus, we have updated the Recurring Orders feature. Automatically duplicate a customer’s order every X days. Perfect for “Product of the Month” orders, recurring items like vitamins, coffee etc.

Current owners of Mailware may also create Subscriptions. Unlike Duplicate or Recurring Orders these are paid in advance for a time period (like a monthly newsletter paid annually) and automatically create each period for the duration of the subscription.

 Save time keying orders, reduce phone time for operators and customers

Feature Announcement #3


Start any order as a quote or convert an order to a quote on-the-fly. Quotes allow you to add items to an order without affecting inventory. You can then fax, email or print the quote for your customer.

When they buy you can turn any quote instantly into an order and make any changes, take payments etc.

 Quote prices without affecting inventory, easily finalize an order when your customer calls back

Feature Announcement #4

Automate Reports, Emails and Scripts

Email Notification in Mailware takes a step forward. Now you can automate mass emails. Send invoices, backorder notices, Purchase Orders, Shipping Notifications and more at the times you specify each day. No need to click any buttons.

And, from the order screen you can set up automatic sending of an email, printing of a report or running of a Mailware Script. For example, when you click the Finished button imagine an email automatically sent to the customer with confirmation of the order, a report that automatically opens so you can print a packing list, pick list or invoice and a script to do just about anything you want (scripts can change data, launch reports, upload and download and much more).

 Save time, less tasks for operators and you to remember each day

Feature Announcement #5

Search by UPC

Do you use Mailware as a Point of Sale system? Now you can scan a barcode of either the Mailware Product Number or the UPC Code and Mailware will automatically recognize the product.  Scanning is supported at Receive Inventory as well so you can quickly receive Purchase Orders.

You can use Mailware to print bar code labels too.

Benefits: Speed up order entry at checkout, help ensure accuracy

Feature Announcement #6

Order Statuses

See the status of any order in the Order List screen. Sort and filter by status too – find all your unshipped orders, backorders and more quickly and easily.

Watch for more status features in Process Orders too.


Benefits: Find orders by type quickly, know the status of operations

2012 Revision History

v1201           12/26/2011
    1. Converted from 2011 version
v1202           04/06/2012
    1. Made merchant identifier fields visible on FBA setup screen.  Needed for changes to FBA in the MCM.
v1203           05/08/2012
    1. Added cost & cost total fields to product assembly screen.  Renamed some fields for clarity.
    2. Added feature to not show kit items on order screen by setting a preference.  Can be toggled on and off from the order screen.
v1204           05/13/2012
    1. Changed Mailware Explorer width to 1050.
    2. Changed main form to initially size to screen and maximize if screen width <= 1024 or height <= 768.
    3. Change help window height to 540.
    4. Added preference to allow item entry on order screen by UPC code.
    5. Added step to check UPC, UPC1, and UPC2 fields in Products for a match if ProductNo not found, and substitute the ProductNo.
v1205           05/15/2012
    1. Added preference to receive products by supplier’s product number
    2. Added ability to receive inventory screen to scan products by supplier’s product number.
    3. Added indexes on Products.SupplierProductNo; ProductSuppliers.SupplierProductNo & SupplierNo.
    4. Fixed original receiving query optimization for faster lookups
    5. Fixed supplier search not working when search text is blanked out
v1206           05/29/2012
    1. Added a preference to charge credit cards at shipping.
    2. Add ability to charge credit cards at shipping.
v1207           06/01/2012
    1. Fixed slow opening of product form with channel listings.
v1208           06/08/2012
    1. Added ChannelOrderImportArchive table to the database update routine.
v1209           06/17/2012
    1. Fixed field layout for operator invoice report setup.
    2. Added OrderDet.AltCustNo to Order screen detail dialog.
    3. Added readonly location field to order items grid.
    4. Added record counts to Process Orders screen.
v1210           06/18/2012
    1. Added preference to remove drop ships from Process Orders invoicing & shipping tabs
v1211           06/29/2012
    1. Fixed non-inventory locations not using preferences correctly.
    2. Fixed not being able to fill inventory if all locations were non-inventory.
    3. Added error message popup on order screen if no location has enough inventory.
    4. Fixed product stock total to not include non-inventory locations.
    5. Fixed receive inventory to require location for multiple location products.
v1212           07/02/2012
    1. Fixed manual order import to update kit fields correctly when importing kits.
v1213           07/27/2012
    1. Changed shipping method fields to 60 characters.
    2. Changed shipping description to 100 characters.
    3. Added Mal’s e-commerce channel.
v1214           08/07/2012
    1. Widened state fields from 2 to 30 characters.
    2. Fixed order search by credit card error.
    3. Added PO menu option to edit email PDF Report.
v1215           08/10/2012
    1. Added PAYPALPAYFLOWPRO gateway to xAuthorize
v1216           09/11/2012
    1. Added preferences for HarveySoft export.
    2. Added HarveySoft export ability to box scanning screen.
v1217           09/13/2012
1. Fixed buttons on drop ship po tab on order screen.
2. Changed order screen to always start in items grid.
3. Changed order screen address shortcut to Alt-A.
4. Fixed the F5 shortcut to show company database form.
5. Fixed all incorrect form icons.
6. Added F3 (and Alt-g) shortcut to move cursor to orders item grid.
7. Added secondary indexes to OrderDet table (ChannelNo, ChannelAccountNo).
8. Fixed the PO .PDF report save (not saving to filename automatically).
v1217.1.1213    09/13/2012
1. Added Amazon order dupe check against OrderDet.AltOrderNo1
v1218           11/09/2012
1. Added Sell on Sears channel
v1218.1.1215    11/09/2012
1. Added Selling on Sears channel
2. Changed Amazon product upload to match shipping confirmations method
3. Added check to make sure only one copy of MCM is running per database
v1219           12/21/2012
1. Added ebay Item ID field to ebay product listings
2. Added index to ChannelListings.ProductID field
v1219.1.1218    12/21/2012
1. Added ebay order import matching by ebay Item ID if SKU is not found
v1219.3.1220    04/10/2013
1. Added DHL Global Mail (8) to shipping confirmation upload
v1220           03/06/2012
1. Added kit item creation when the kit master is added as a backorder
2. Fixed error when deleting kit master that is in backorder
3. Added supplier cost to drop ship POs created from order screen
4. Added ability to use fractional discounts on order screen
5. Changed process orders to not fill backorders if order is on hold
6. Added Name field to order product search grid and customized layout
7. Fixed order import settings dialog to resize correctly
8. Fixed possible error if order item change temp table still exists when dialog opened
v1221           03/14/2012
1. Fixed todaysdate parameter not being set when refreshing backorders
2. Fixed the caption for the Sears channel setup dialog
v1222           04/22/2013
1. Fixed inventory update bug in receive inventory
v1223           07/01/2013
1. Added unpaid credit card orders to Invoicing tab of Process Orders if preference set
2. Fixed box scanning dialog to allow unpaid credit card orders if preference set
3. Added label to box scanning dialog to show credit card will be charged when finished
4. Renamed “Don’t Hold for BO” on order screen to “Ship Ahead”
5. Renamed “Default to Don’t Hold for BO” in preferences to “Default to Ship Ahead”
v1223.1.1221    09/17/2013
1. Fixed Volusion customer email download
2. Fixed kit item flag fields not being set correctly when importing orders
3. Added item discount to order import
v1224           09/23/2013
1. Modified ebay product tab for price and inventory updates
2. Added 3dcart channel
3. Added button on the order screen to copy orders
4. Added internal changes to make synchronizing versions and upgrades easier.
5. Added minor version
6. Fixed LocStock.IsNotAvailableForSale flag ignored when also marked non-inventory
7. Fixed Product.HasNonInventoryLocation set to true even if location marked IsNotAvailableForSale
8. Added PayPal payment type
9. Updated credit card validation on payment screen.
10. Added internal changes to make synchronizing versions and upgrades easier.
11. Added option to not print invoice from box scanning screen
v1224.1.1222    09/23/2013
1. Added 3dcart channel order download
2. Added inventory and price upload for ebay
3. Changed ebay SKU match when importing orders to use both ItemID and SKU
v1225           03/05/2014
1. Added Authorize action to payments (custom feature)
2. Added credit card capture to box scanning screen
v1225.1.1224    03/05/2014
1. Added Action field to payment import table

MCM 2012, Build 1202.1.1204
1. Changed FBA inventory import to use MWS instead of FWS. (Note: This build can be applied to an installed version of 2012 by unzipping the contents into your Data directory.)

v1225.1.1225    06/30/2014
1. Fixed Amazon product and shipping confirmation uploads to use Marketplace ID field

v1225.2.1226    08/01/2014
1. Fixed product upload to use zero if inventory is negative
2. Fixed ebay product upload log possibly showing as shipping confirmation
3. Fixed response XML document not being created for ebay product upload

MWS DLL Update 1202.1.1204:
1. Fixed non-harmful error that could show up in the channel log.  This version is backwards compatible.

v1226           06/19/2014
1. Added nSoftware E-Payment credit card software interface
v1227           07/11/2014
1. Fixed E-Payment not allowed to use Authorize action
2. Fixed Transaction ID (ReferenceNo) overwritten on Capture
v1228           10/17/2014
    1. Added Best Buy channel
v1228.1.1227    10/17/2014
    1. Added Best Buy channel

v1229           01/09/2015
1. Adds box shipping by AltOrderNo1 feature (set in preferences)
2. Updates nSoftware E-Payment component to new version

v1230           01/26/2015
1. Fixed AltOrderNo1 truncating to 20 chars instead of 50 when importing orders


Multi Channel Manager (MCM)Multi Channel Manager (MCM)

We have added several new carts and updated a few. Plus, the MCM can be easily updated to work with any MySQL, SQL Server, XML or .csv cart. Don’t see your cart in the list? Just ask.

The MCM runs on your desktop and communicates directly with all your channels – no 3rd party hosting required. It automatically:


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