Revision History – 2014

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This will completely reinstall version 2014 of Mailware. Please be sure to backup your data before running.

What’s New in Mailware 2014

Feature Announcement #1

New Channel – Big Commerce

We have added Big Commerce to our list of supported web carts. You can see the currently supported features for Big Commerce by clicking its logo.


 Feature Announcement #2

New Channel – Yahoo Stores

We have added Yahoo Stores to our list of supported web carts. You can see the currently supported features for Big Commerce by clicking its logo.


 Feature Announcement #3

Tighter Security

Additional preferences to restrict users’ ability to see and change prices at order entry, hold orders, refund credit cards and more. This is in addition to our existing user access controls and is controlled in preferences by users with admin privileges.

2014 Revision History

v1414 03/18/2015
1. Fixed Best Buy product tab showing as blank
2. Changed Receive Inventory table component creation order (Location first)

v1413 03/11/2015
1. Fixed AltOrderNo1 truncating to 20 chars instead of 50 when importing orders
2. Added Best Buy channel

v1412           01/09/2015
1. Added box shipping by AltOrderNo1 feature (set in preferences)

v1411           01/08/2015
1. Fixed error and approval parsing for E-Payment credit card transactions

v1410           01/05/2015
1. Fixed EPaymentConfiguration setting missing error when opening preferences

v1409           01/05/2015
1. Added E-Payment credit card interface
2. Added PayPal Pro, First Data, and First Data E4 payment gateways
3. Fixed reference label visibility bug when selecting action on payment dialog

v1408.3.1409    02/24/2015
1. Fixed gift order import for Bigcommerce
2. Added options import (customization) to Bigcommerce
3. Fixed Shopify shipping confirmations upload

v1408.2.1408    02/04/2015
1. Fixed ebay order import to import if there are warnings or partial failures, and log the errors

v1407           06/26/2014
1. Fixed error when authorizing first installment payment

v1406           06/04/2014
1. Adds ShopSite channel setup
2. Adds layway and payment method options to installment payments

v1405.3.1406    08/12/2014
1. Changed ebay import to use PaidTime element for PaymentDt and ApprovalDt
2. Changed order creation to set ScheduleDt to imported PaymentDt, if used
3. Changed order creation to set ApprovalDt to imported ApprovalDt, if used

v1405.2.1405    08/08/2014
1. Changes ebay download to use GetOrders instead of GetSellerTransactions

v1405           04/28/2014
1. Added ItemID and Sales Price to the Yahoo channel product tab
v1405.1.1404    04/28/2014
1. Fixed Yahoo order download to use LineNumber as the AltItemNo
2. Added Yahoo price and inventory upload
3. Added Yahoo shipping confirmation upload
v1404           04/24/2014
1. Fixed payment grid on order screen to refresh after payment dialog is closed
2. Added additional settings for Yahoo! channel
v1404.1.1403    04/24/2014
1. Added shipping confirmation upload for Bigcommerce
2. Fixed log bug for Bigcommerce product upload
3. Added Yahoo! order download

v1403 03/25/2014

1. Added Yahoo setup screen
2. Added Bigcommerce channel and setup screen
3. Added licensing status to channel setup tab
4. Added commission fields
5. Added additional order sales rep field

v1402 03/11/2014

1. Added sub source key field feature
2. Added preference to hide non-retail prices if operator has readonly product access
3. Added price floor field to product table and screen
4. Added preference to require manager override to authorize credit card refunds
5. Added Products.MarkupAmt field, shows calculated Markup Price field on product screen
6. Added ability for scripts to mark orders to require manager override for holds

v1401 03/07/2014
1. Converted from 2013 version



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