Channergy 2015 Revisions


 Download Version 2015

This will install the demo version of Channergy 2015. Please be sure to backup your data before running. This will not overwrite any previous installs so it is safe to run the demo and keep using your existing, live version.

What’s New in Channergy 2015

Feature Announcement #1

ChannergyInterfaceThumbNew Interface

This one is bigger than it sounds. The way you interact with Channergy is evolving. We are leaving behind the old XP style screens for a cleaner, web browser look and feel. But that’s just the beginning.

You will have access to your online account where you can manage your profile, purchase add ons, download previous purchases and change your subscriptions. The main page will keep you posted of Channergy updates and new tools available to download as well as news about the direct marketing and multi/omni channel industry. Reports, Help and Settings are all available with a single click without losing your place. And you can customize your experience to suit your tastes.

 Feature Announcement #2

 finished-150x150Script Launcher

When you take an order or edit an imported order you have the option to click the Finished button. That marks the order as “Finished” and sends an email of your choice to the customer. Now it can also launch a Channergy Script. Scripts are super flexible and can do just about anything. Want to print an invoice or receipt? How about archiving the order or exporting the customer’s information to another software system. Print a label or a packing list or send the order to a drop shipper. The possibilities are endless.

Need a script to run? Check out the Channergy Marketplace for scripts you can buy or get for free. Or write your own with our script editor.


Feature Announcement #3


Improved Quotes

Version 2012 introduced a quote feature. 2015 improves that feature in every way. Any order can be converted into a quote with a single click. Products are automatically “backordered” but excluded from backorder fulfillment. That prevents committing stock at order entry or accidentally fulfilling a quote before it is converted to an order. (Note: you can still commit items by using the Hold feature instead).

Print a quote and mail or fax it. Or, better yet, email it directly from the order while you are talking to the customer. And in conjunction with our new Script Launcher you can email, print and/or launch any number of tasks you wish.

Revision History

v1510           07/29/2016
    1. Fixes “no server specified” error when printing USPS shipping labels
    2. Adds Seller ID and API Key to Sears channel setup
v1510.1.1502    07/29/2016
    1. Adds FastMM4 memory manager for better performance
    2. Adds canceled field to MySQL tracking items upload
    3. Fixes MySQL tracking items upload query to use case insensitive text indexes correctly
    4. Fixes Shopify product upload
    5. Fixes Shopify order download
    6. Fixes Sears order download to use new authorization scheme

v1509           02/09/2016
    1. Added USPS AVS Check to Customer & Order screens
    2. Fixed USPS Process Orders label generation using the wrong provider type
v1508 12/04/2015
1. Fixed preference to lock InStock field to include multiple locations
2. Made minor ebay listing screen changes
3. Added ebay channel listing frame and container form to tracking
4. Removed Order prompt asking if invoice printed correctly if set up as a POS station
5. Added preference to set the POS timeout option and timeout period
6. Added new fields to database update for POSButtonPadButtons table
v1507 10/26/2015
1. Added Labels (automated shipping label generation) feature to Process Orders
2. Added ebay full listing setup dialog
v1506 07/22/2015
1. Changed the Sub Source Key feature to find the Source Key using a range of Sub Source
v1505 06/19/2015
1. Added OrderNo index to process orders tables
2. Added POS task pad setup dialogs and features
3. Added new POS tables to database update
4. Added Register PIN to operator access table and setup dialog
5. Added RegisterID to POS preferences
6. Added ability to open POS on application startup to POS preferences
7. Added number touchpad dialog
8. Added POS session login, open, cash entry, and close
9. Added POS session order tracking
10. Added POS timeout lock, requiring pin entry to unlock
11. Fixed button behavior on POS menu and bottom button bar
v1504           04/23/2015
1. Added preference to automatically finish packing order when all items have been scanned
2. Fixed Order Items quantity setting to 0 when non-inventory multi-location item is returned
3. Fixed Copy Order error caused by additional customize fields added for product customization
v1503           04/01/2015
1. Added preference to box scanning to start a new order after hitting Finished Packing button
2. Changed ChannelListing.UPC field length to 15 characters (was 12)
3. Changed application icon
v1502           03/25/2015
1. Added creation of custom report list file when Menu tab is clicked
2. Changed explorer window to match screen width and height on resize
3. Fixed Channergy Explorer icon on window taskbar button
4. Fixed Residential check box (shipping) on order screen tied to customer instead of order
5. Fixed creating a new purchase order does not assign an operator ID
6. Fixed zip code lookup on order screen to match five digits only if country is United States
v1501           03/20/2015
1. Updated generation of HTML custom report list file to match new interface
2. Widened buttons on the Contact Log tab of the Customer screen
3. Added quote option to the order screen
4. Added Supplier fields to PO PDF report
5. Fixed Order screen item description length
6. Added “Closed” field and checkbox to Customer Contact Log screens
7. Added a option to run a script when an order is marked Finished
8. Changed Receive Inventory table component creation order (Location first)
9. Fixed Best Buy product tab showing as blank
10. Added new menu to drop down menu selection list
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