Discount Policy

Why we don’t extend sale/discount dates

We offer occasional discounts on quotes and run sales about 4 times a year. All our discounts include a firm expiration date. So why don’t we extend sales beyond the expiration?

Channergy has 20+ years of R&D built in and comes with expert implementation and technical support unlike any system in its class (or pretty much anywhere for that matter). We never outsource support nor do you ever speak to a level 1 tech. That’s a big investment for us but we know that for you to be successful with Channergy you need rock solid support.

In those rare cases when we run a sale or offer you a discount on a quote we disclose in clear text the date the discount expires. That is good for both parties. For us it sets an expectation for when you will purchase and allows us to assign and schedule technical support and, if needed, development time. For you it is a commitment from us to honor a lower price on our software and services with all the same great support you would receive at full price.

The Internet is rife with “sale extended” offers. What that means to us is their sale price is the true value of the product being offered and the regular asking price is simply bait.

Channergy is priced at its value and you can rest assured that thousands of happy customers have gladly paid that full price and received the support and attention they deserve.

Moral of the Story: If we offer you a discount – Grab It! They don’t come very often and you will know that you are getting a great deal and our commitment to your success.