Beautiful Emails

Increase Profits

(by Using Beautiful Emails)

Emails your customers based on your data in Channergy:

  • Precisely control messages to your customers based on their history with you.
  • Schedule automatic emails to send daily, weekly, monthly & time of day.
  • Keep your customers happy and active, with targeted emails they care about.

Email marketing is cheap and effective, but your customers don’t read them…

Why? Because each and every customer is unique. Generate your emails based on your customers’ buying habits and you will increase read rates and customer satisfaction.

​You have tons of data about each customer in Channergy. Use it! Contact customers that bought Widget A and sell them Widget B. Send reminders to refill consumables. Offer specials on related products your customer cares about.

And now you can send beautiful emails with your logo, pictures of products and anything you can do in html (and that’s a lot). 

“Generate your emails based on your customers’ buying habits and you will increase read rates and customer satisfaction.”

You can schedule your emails too. Send reminders weekly, monthly even at a certain time of day. Mix it up so your information is fresh and interesting.

By choosing us you’ll get the following benefits:

Use your Data

You have each customer’s contact information, purchase history and other demographics in Channergy. Use that to market intelligently and speak to each customer as an individual.

Create Happy Customers

Think about why you are here right now. You want an email solution that works. Your customers want products and services from you they care about.

Increase Profits

It’s a win-win. Your customers get notifications they care about and you increase sales. What’s not to love?

“After 5 Catalog could not exist without Channergy. Great price, great value.

“I did try others that came with all sorts of promises but once we got into them they were too basic and didn’t give us the level of detail that Channergy provides. Since we have installed it we are able to track everything. It does all the things a growing company needs including growing with you. Additionally we have received fantastic service from them.”

– Eric States (Owner/President)

Market Smarter, not Harder.

“Customers expect it and now you can do it”

Do you sell products that have complementary items? For example, if a customer bought a pair of boots from you might they also need special socks that make them fit better, keep their feet dry etc? Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send emails suggesting those items? You can, with the Channergy email tool.

Big etailers like Amazon, ebay and Jet analyze their customers’ data and present other products they care about. Have you ever visited Amazon and seen they “We think you will also like…” suggestion? Of course you have. Customers expect it and now you can do it proactively with targeted, relevant emails.

What the Email Tool Does for You:

Build Your EMailUsing the HTML Designer

“Design your email the way you want it to look.”

Create your email using Headers, Footers and Detail (e.g., lists of products). Then drop in graphic elements, styles, fonts and more using the intuitive and powerful editor.

Learn How

Schedule Frequency to Keep Customers Engaged

Automatically send emails daily, weekly or monthly (or create multiples of the same campaign to stagger – e.g., every other week). You can set times of day as well to prevent overloading your isp’s email server or target prime open times for your customers.

Learn How

Preview EmailsThen Fire and Forget

Your emails will send automatically and Channergy will place a copy of the sent email in each customer’s account.

You can come back and edit a campaign later. Copy it to make other campaigns too.

Learn How

“Channergy – THANKS! We couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Using Channergy enabled us to track our customers, their orders, and their sources to determine the best place to put our advertising dollars. As a result, last year we decided to skip publishing our full color 40 page catalog (very expensive for a small company) and to spend more advertising dollars on our Web site.”

– Diane Olin (Playthings Past)

What You’ll Get…

The Email Tool works directly with your Channergy database but runs as a separate application:

The Channergy Email Tool launched from the main menu.

The Email Tool automatically links to your Channergy database to read the most current data in real time.

Add the Email Tool to your arsenal and start reaping the benefits of all the data you have stored in Channergy.

“Where do I begin to tell you what a wonderful program Channergy is for small and large business?”

“The cost factor, the excellence in quality and customer care that Channergy has shown to me and my company is first class to say the least. Their constant dedication and expertise to the upgrades is unbeatable.”

– Cindy Stoller (President, LS Advertising, Inc.)

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  • Start Emailing Right Away
  • Free Tech Support to Setup
  • More Templates Coming Too

All this now for just:

Subscribe and pay monthly. Cancel at anytime. Or purchase once and save.

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When you purchase a tech will contact you to set up the Email Tool at no extra charge. Then you can start emailing right away with one of our built in templates or create your own.

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