Hosted Enterprise

[pricingblock content=”5464″]LeftGreenButtonHosted Enterprise Features

  • $299 for the first user – Unlimited Orders: No cap on $ amount or # of orders
  • $100 per additional user – Your subscription includes 1 user. Add additional concurrent users for $100 each Note: Concurrent means the number using Channergy simultaneously. For example, if you subscribe for 5 users you can use Channergy on any 5 stations simultaneously.
  • $100 per user setup fee
  • Free Upgrades – Changes to Channergy are installed for you automatically at no charge, including version upgrades.
  • Multi Channel Manager (MCM) – Your subscription includes up to 5 channels (Amazon, ebay, Rakuten etc.). Note: some channels may require set up and a one time setup fee.
  • Rent to Own – Exclusive to the Enterprise Subscription: 20% of your monthly subscription fees can be applied to purchasing Channergy at the end of your first year. Reduced rate hosting fees still apply or you can run Channergy locally or host it yourself for free.
  • Shipping Integrations – Connection to your supported shipping software (e.g., UPS Worldship) are available.

Your subscription includes free email support and discounted phone support (see our Prepaid Support Plan). Other services are available too including importing your existing data, custom reports and scripts and more. Rate is for an annual plan. After 12 months you can cancel or simply continue your subscription.

How It Works

After you subscribe we send you a file you can run on any Windows or Mac laptop or Desktop. You can access Channergy from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Just drop the file onto your desktop and click it for instant access.

Channergy uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) which allows you to run it without opening a browser. RDP is faster and more reliable than almost all cloud apps and gives you the flexibility to modify your environment. Read more about RDP in our whitepaper: Cloud Vs. Local Apps