Why Buy When You Can Rent

rent-vs-buyChannergy is available as a single time purchase or a hosting option (or both). So which is the right plan for you?

Hosting (Rent)

There is a proliferation of software as a service (SaaS) options on the web. From services that remind you to buy groceries to full fledged accounting packages there is likely a SaaS that meets one or more of your needs.

We offer Channergy as a SaaS for our customers who want a web based solution with an annual payment option. This lowers the barrier to entry (it is cheaper to get started) and offers remote access. But you do not own the software.

Purchase (Buy)

You can also purchase Channergy and save the monthly fees. Or if you like you can purchase Channergy and pay a lower monthly rate to have it hosted by us. Finally you can host it yourself using any PC or server (you do not need a web server) and save the monthly hosting fees.

Choose a Plan

Picking the right plan usually comes down to numbers. Our plans are based on your number of users and total number of orders per month. You can see each plan on our pricing page. If you compare the annual cost of any plan with the purchase price you will find that purchasing is cheaper in the long run.


Clearly purchasing is more cost effective in as little as 2 years. However there are other factors to consider when purchasing:

  1. Upgrades in the purchase plan are optional. If you upgrade each year your total cost increases but still remains less than hosting.
  2. Purchases do not include free channel subscriptions. At $350 each per year the cost is somewhat higher, but again still less over time.
  3. Hosting means you do not need to maintain a server or provide IT for a network. This alone can make the cost of hosting worthwhile.



One last consideration. You can purchase with financing to achieve a monthly payment and own the software. You will want to figure in your interest but you will still come out ahead over time when you purchase. We have recommended partners who can assist with your financing needs or you can use any service that finances software.



If you need help with cost analysis or have any questions feel free to contact us. And when you are ready to purchase or sign up for hosting visit the Channergy Marketplace.


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