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Mission Critical Data Integrity and Security

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Channergy uses a SQL database you can access directly over your network. This is handy for peer to peer and file server networks and is very stable and secure.

But, sometimes you want more.

Client/Server isolates your data from direct access. Individual workstations submit their requests to your server, which in turn accesses your data. This means those workstations never directly touch the data itself.

There are 3 distinct advantages to this scenario:

  1. Your data is more immune to network errors.
  2. Your data is isolated so less prone to theft or tampering including credit card data.
  3. Channergy is faster – Client/Server manages requests on the server greatly reducing the load on your network.


Direct Database vs. Client/Server Configurations

Peer to Peer   File Server
Peer to Peer   File Server
On this simplest of networks all of your PC’s are connected to each other while any one PC stores your Channergy data.   All PC’s are connected through a central server, which also hosts your Channergy data.


Client Server

Set up just like a file server, but your Channergy data is not directly accessible to individual workstations. They request information from, or submit updates to the server, which updates your data. Your Channergy data is stored on the server, but in a non-shared folder the workstations cannot see.

For small shops – “But I only need a couple of stations.” We hear this frequently and the answer is – you may need Client/Server even more than large shops. If you are running only a few stations it is likely you do not have a full-time tech on staff. This means network problems that arise are not fixed immediately. Client/Server bypasses these problems and protects your data from corruption. The price of Client/Server is far less over the long run than hiring a consultant or regularly repairing data corrupted by a faulty network card or protocol.

For large shops – Some packages offer Client/Server for their software and tout it as an enterprise solution. In most cases this requires that you purchase a separate Client/Server system and additional licenses for each station on your network. The cost can become prohibitive. Channergy’s Client/Server is available for a fixed price and is native to its database. This means no hidden costs and no configuration issues or problems with future upgrades to either package causing your system to be out of sync. Channergy Client/Server has been in production for over 5 years with no downtime, no errors and no data loss. For mission critical operations you could not ask for a more stable or easy to administer system.

Channergy’s database natively supports its own client/server system. You need only purchase the client/server option directly from us – no third-party software. And, you never need to purchase additional client/server licenses. One package will support all the Channergy installs you have, or will ever need. You save thousands over other client/server options. And, because client/server is so stable and secure, you can run over 100 workstations with no data loss.

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