Custom Services

Do you need a special report, your data converted from another program or something personalized? We can help with one of our custom services.

Data Conversion
Channergy includes an import wizard you can use to transfer your customer files. But, importing can be tricky. You may need to clean up your data first to prevent unwanted results. Plus, importing your data requires some technical expertise.

Custom Reports
Need a report that’s not included in Channergy? You could create it yourself – or you could have one of our staff do it for you.

Custom Programming
If you have a special need we can often provide special programming to tailor Channergy for you.

Channergy Scripts
Change all your product prices, import shipping tracking numbers, create a mailing campaign and much more using the Channergy Query Tool. Queries appear in the Tools text menu item and can be executed by simply selecting them. You can create your own queries if you know SQL or have us create them for you.

Let us help. Contact us for more details.