Custom Reports

Our report writing service will take your ideas and turn them into the report you need. Just answer a few questions, and type a description of the report(s) you need. If we have any questions we will get back to you. Then we will create your new report and email it to you in an easy to install file. It’s that simple.

To order your report(s) please:

  1. Fill out our report form below
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Click Send when you are ready to submit your request. You will have the option to enter another request or go to the shopping cart to finalize your order.

Terms of Use:

  1. Report fees are non-refundable. Note: We will work with you to ensure you receive the report you need.
  2. Reports are delivered via email at no extra charge. If you prefer a diskette, select a different shipping option when you order. The cost of shipping, as displayed on the order page, will be added to your bill.
  3. Core Technologies reserves the right to include your report in future upgrades.
  4. You are granted a license to use any reports you order. Core Technologies retains ownership.