FTP Tools

Use these tools to access Channergy’s database, write and run SQL queries, create ODBC links, repair database errors and more.

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To install the FTP Download service:
Start, Run, [full path to directory]MWFTPDownloadSvc.exe /install
To make sure service is running:
Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services (might vary by OS)
Find “Channergy FTP Download Service” in list
Open properties for it
Make sure Startup type is Automatic
Click Start if not already running
Files are downloaded and imported every 10 minutes. 
After they have been imported, the file is moved to a “Imported” subfolder. 
The original file is deleted from the FTP server.
To install the FTP Upload service follow these steps:
Create a directory for the FTP utility.  It doesn’t matter where it is.  Then extract the contents of the zip file into the directory.
There are two executables. One is for the settings (MWFTPUploadSvcSettings.exe) and the other is the service itself (MWFTPUploadSvc.exe).  The MWFTPUploadSvcSettings.exe opens a form where you can enter the directory to monitor, the FTP information, an option to add a timestamp to the file before uploading, and the FTP folder (which is optional and only needed if it has to go into a subfolder on the FTP site).  Do this before running the service.
The settings are:
  Upload files from this directory = The directory in Step 1 above.
  Append timestamp = unchecked unless needed to prevent overwriting
  FTP host
  FTP username
  FTP password
  Folder name = leave blank unless needed
The service can be installed by Start, Run, and typing in the full path name plus the file name (MWFTPUploadSvc.exe) followed by /install
The service should start automatically on reboot but will have to be started manually after install the first time.  If you open the Services window, there will be one called Channergy FTPUpload Service.  Open properties for the service and start it manually.
Once it is running, it will upload any files in the monitored directory to the specified ftp site. If there are any errors a log file will be created in the Documents and SettingsAll UsersCore Technologies folder.  That’s also where the settings are stored. The settings are visible in the file but encrypted.
The files are first moved into a “Prep” folder under the monitored directory, including the timestamp if that is set. If the filename already exists there it will be overwritten. (Will never happen if using the timestamp.) The file is then uploaded, and will overwrite a file with the same name on the FTPsite if it already exists. It is then moved into a “Uploaded” folder under the monitored directory.  If the file is copied into the Prep folder but not uploaded because FTP is down or something, it will be uploaded later when FTP is back up.  The service looks for files every 10 seconds

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