Channergy Script Tools

Use this setup file to install the Channergy Script tool and selected scripts. Scripts appear under the Tools text menu.

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File Name: ChannergyScriptWithToolsSetup.exe
Size: 2.1 meg
This may be applied to Version 2005 or higher of Channergy and the Channergy demo.


Download the upgrade by clicking in the Download Now link above. When prompted, select Save. After downloading locate the file and double click it.Note: The script tool is also used by the Customer Match feature when importing orders. If prompted for the program to use for Cust Match browse to Channergy Script.exe file in the Channergy install directory (default is C:Program FIlesChannergy XXXX – where XXXX is the version number).


For detailed help on using Channergy Scripts please see the help topic “Creating and Running Scripts”