Report Templates

Add these templates to the Custom Reports section of the Report Center. You can use them as starting places for your own reports.

Download Now
File Name: ReportTemplates.exe
Size: 672k

This will install all reports, including new ones, without overwriting any reports you have changed.

This may be used with Channergy 2005 and higher and the Channergy Demo. Note: These reports will appear in the Custom Reports section of the Report Center in Channergy 2007 and higher.
Download the install file by clicking in the Download Now link above or the file name below. When prompted, select Save. After downloading locate the file and double click it. Run the install and specify the data directory for which you wish to add report templates. If you are using multiple databases run the install for each one.

Template Name Description
Template – Customers and Contact Log.SRW Use this template for contact log reports.
Template – Customers.SRW A simple customer report or export.
Template – Orders and Items.SRW For reports of items sold, returned, shipped etc.
Template – Orders Items and Customers.SRW Use this to find customers who bought specific products.
Template – Orders with Details.SRW This can be used to create an invoice or a detailed sales report.
Template – Orders.SRW A simple orders report. It does not contain items sold, payments or ship methods. Use this for total amounts of orders, shipping and tax as well as number of orders.
Template – Products and Product Types.SRW Use to sort product by their assigned product type (code).
Template – Products and Suppliers.SRW Create a report of products by supplier.
Template – Products.SRW A simple inventory report including number in stock and all 4 price levels.