Multi Channel Manager

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The Multi Channel Manager (MCM) works with marketplaces and auction sites, shopping carts and any MySQL, SQL Server, XML or .csv online shopping cart. You can see the entire list of supported channels on our Integration page.

The MCM runs on your PC or server, or on our server if you choose to host with us and communicates directly with all your sales channels – no 3rd party hosting required. Channergy’s channel manager automatically:

  • Downloads Orders
  • Uploads Products on channels that support it
  • Uploads Product changes
  • Uploads Order Status

An order can come from different channels – Marketplaces (like Amazon), Auction sites (like eBay), and web stores (like Big Commerce, Shopify, Volusion and Magento).

Channergy’s Multi Channel Manager is an order management system that handles all your channel sales for you. Orders are downloaded, new product listings are created, existing products are updated and shipping confirmations are uploaded – all automatically and all directly from your PC. Channergy’s multi channel inventory manager allows easy inventory order management with no special hosting or hidden fees required.

Multi Channel Manager Features

  • 3rd party repricer support and/or user specific algorithms to ensure you are top seller, have the lowest price etc.
  • The Mutli Channel Manager makes Channergy the single repository for all your data; an inventory manager that updates listings from one location.
  • Specify prices, descriptions, images and more that are unique to each channel for the same product.
  • Uploads shipping confirmations to your web store, eBay auction-or others, so you get paid faster.
  • Expand your business with multiple channels all managed from one interface, allowing efficient inventory and order management.
  • Automatically download orders as often as you like (or as your channel allows).
  • Batch process orders, or as they come in individually with this order management software.
  • Product listings are uploaded to supported channels you select.


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