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Customers are the lifeblood of your company. Manage all your customer contacts with unlimited shipping addresses, phone numbers, clickable email and website addresses and Zip Code verification in one system. This software enables the best customer service management possible.

Customer service management is vital and can be maintained through use of your customer database. Channergy allows for optimal customer database usage and helps you to maintain key customer relations.

Channergy keeps track of your customers’ order history, buying habits, RFM (recency, frequency and monetary values), original and subsequent ad source keys and much more in simple reports. It is a rich customer database filled with all of the information that helps you market efficiently to your most valuable resources.


  • Maintain full contact information, through the customer database, including multiple contacts for the same account.
  • Customer level overrides and flags for price levels, discounts, priority handling, bad debt flagging and more.
  • Special pricing feature at the product and customer level. Set prices for special customers, wholesalers etc.
  • A full Order History screen with reports of item details and easy access to the original order for editing, reprinting and modifications.
  • Use the Contact Log to record unlimited length notes, set reminders and mail catalogs, birthday cards and other notices.
  • Attach images, word docs, pdf files or any file type to each customer and open them in their native programs.
  • Channergy includes a full Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) to track multiple contacts, leads, opportunities and reminders.
  • Our Customer Match on import feature makes merge/purge of duplicate customer accounts almost unnecessary.
  • Search for customers in the database on multiple fields in 2-3 seconds with our lightning fast search – find the information you need fast, no matter how large your database.



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