Email Notification

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Channergy includes a full office-wide and customer email notification system you can use to send batch emails that include billing or business invoices, purchase orders, backorder notifications and more. The email feature uses your Internet Service Provider settings and there is no need to run a client side program like Outlook.

Create as many email notices or notifications as you like. You can tailor messages with your own text and use variables for merge features (like Order #, customer name etc.). Channergy also exports email addresses for use with third party integration programs like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Vertical Response and others.

Email Notification Features

  • Send emails directly from Channergy anytime.
  • Email billing or business invoices, shipping confirmations, purchase orders, backorder notifications and more.
  • Uses your existing ISP – no hosting and no extra software needed.
  • Create as many email forms as you wish with full merge capabilities with your entire Channergy database.
  • Channergy tracks emails sent, errors and full copies of each email received by your customers.
  • Export email addresses and contact information to use with third party programs like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, MailChimp and more.
  • Email creation works just like our report writer, so there is nothing new to learn.
  • Automatically send an email at order entry.
  • See our options HTML Email Utility too


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