Order Processing (Fulfillment)

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With Channergy you can process your orders individually, batch process or both. Channergy keeps track of which orders have been invoiced, picked and packed. Never double ship or miss a shipment again.

Orders from each channel can be batch processed separately for order fulfillment. You can have unique invoices for each of your stores. Fill backorders, charge credit cards and manage shipping with the Channergy system.

Order Processing Features

  • Batch process orders from all sources (phone orders, web carts, drop shippers etc.)
  • User definable Import feature for text files from order sources not connected with our MCM feature.
  • Print business invoices, pick lists, packing lists etc. from a single screen. All are user definable, can sort on multiple fields and are fully editable.
  • Process payments in batches for orders that are entered or imported unpaid.
  • Wand products to orders to prevent missed or duplicate items.
  • Integrates directly with UPS Worldship, FedEx, Endicia and more.
  • Process as many times a day as you wish. Orders will not be missed or duplicated.
  • Fill backorders quickly and easily. They are automatically added to the process queue.

Process Orders - Import Process Orders - Fill Backorders Process Orders - Payment Processing Process Orders - Invoicing Process Orders - Shipping

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