Shipping Integrations

Shipping Integration Overview

Channergy supports shipping via carriers like UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service. You can also ship freight, international and provide local pickup.

For the major carriers Channergy supports direct integration. This means any orders entered or imported into Channergy appear automatically in your shipping software as well, ready to process.

How Shipping Integrations work

Channergy includes an Open Database Connection (ODBC) driver for its database. This allows the Channergy database to communicate with those of the various carriers. As orders are entered or imported into Channergy they become immediately available within the shipping service systems. Key or scan a Channergy order number into UPS Worldship, FedEx Ship Manager or Endicia and all necessary information for the order to ship will appear. When processing end of day, shipping services systems will direct tracking numbers, ship dates and actual shipping costs back to Channergy.

For phone orders, calculate shipping quotes including flat rates, cost by order total, cost by order weight, costs by percentage, minimum rates, maximums and have access to rate and zone charts from major carriers. Charges can be compiled into any combination and can be adjusted to match USPS shipping rates. There is no limit to the number of shipping methods you can save and reuse – for example, create a ground ship method for residential, commercial and/or international locations and select these shipping quotes on the fly as needed. Each will charge the customer accordingly.

Create ship methods to match those found on your web stores. As orders are downloaded the matching method is automatically applied. Keep the chosen method or override it with an alternative Actual Ship Method to reduce shipping costs for a company while lowering shipping prices for the customer. Shipping integration allows automatic individual or batch printing of labels. In either case simply pick and pack orders, apply the label and be done.

Other features of the Channergy Shipping Integration include:

  • Automatic upload of shipping confirmations to your web stores.
  • Access to order details.
  • Send shipping information, including clickable tracking numbers to customers.
  • Send e-mail notifications to customers regarding back orders, orders in process, canceled orders, credit card approval issues etc.
  • Shipping software reports gains or losses from shipping based on actual costs.
  • Avoid double shipment, keep track of orders as they’re processed preventing multiple fulfillment.
  • Track missed orders in order to fulfill them as soon as possible.

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