Actual Shipping Method

Actual Shipping Method Overview

With Channergy, customers can choose from multiple shipping solutions and systems. You can specify or automatically select a different shipping method than the one selected by the customer at order entry or on your web site. For example, you could send an order via Priority Mail instead of UPS Ground. The customer typically receives the order in the same or less time and Channergy will show the originally selected method while also storing the alternate method.

How Actual Shipping Methods work

Manual Method: During order entry or when editing an order you entered or imported you can simply click the ‘Shipping’ tab and then the ‘Actual…’ button. In the dialog that opens select a different ship method for the order from the pulldown. You can also override an automatically calculated actual method here by checking the override option. Channergy will show the original method on the order, but will send the order to the appropriate Actual method (e.g., if the customer selected UPS 2nd Day, but you choose Priority Mail the order will be shipped by Priority Mail. You can choose to show either ship method to the customer on the invoice, in emails and on your shopping cart.)

Automatic Method: Click the ‘Orders’ button on the Channergy main menu. In the window that opens click the ‘Actual Ship Calc…’ button in the left navigation under the Setup section. In the dialog that opens you can set up logic to choose an Actual ship method based on; the selected method, total weight is greater or lesser than a set weight or the order is over a set quantity.

Create as many rules as you like. When you enter an order the ‘Actual Ship Method’ will be automatically selected if the order meets the rules you created. For imported orders a script can be run to select the ‘Actual Ship Method.’

If you would like to control which ship using method appears on reports and emails you can do so by editing within the Report Writer and Email Notifications system.


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