Customize Ordered Items

Customize Ordered Items Overview

You can add notes, details, personalization, work order information and more to each item in an order through our dynamic software. Customize messages can be prebuilt at the product level and edited at order entry or you can enter them from scratch in an order.

How Customize works

In Channergy add or edit an order. Click any product in the order and then on the ‘Item Detail’ tab at the bottom of the order screen click the ‘Customize’ button. A dialog will open into which you can enter unlimited text. You can prepopulate this field at the product level and then edit it at order entry. For example, enter field names at the product level, then customize the item at order entry and type in the data for those fields (like personalization/monograms, instructions for work orders etc.).

You can also set up 10 discrete fields that can be prepopulated with your customer’s name or address or that allow you to type whatever you like.


At order entry when you add the item to the order you can modify the unlimited length memo field and enter (or use a previous customization) discrete fields. This feature is especially good for personalization, monograms, engravings, inscriptions etc.


The Customize fields appears by default beneath each product on the printed billing invoice so it is a good place for notes about the product, upsell and cross sell suggestions etc. Or, you can remove it from the billing invoice and use it in internal reports like pick lists and work orders.


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