Gift and Multiple Recipient Orders

Gift and Multiple Recipient Orders Overview

Create gift orders from a single sender to multiple gift recipients. The sender receives a billing invoice and each recipient receives a packing list without prices. Each customized gift order can have its own ship method and charge.

You can also create orders for multiple recipients, for example from a client of yours to all their recipients of your product. This is useful if you drop ship for other sellers, have customers with multiple recipients in the same company, want to associate a group of orders with a specific client etc.

How Gift and Multiple Recipient Orders work

In Channergy enter an order normally for the gift giver, client or vendor. Then click the Gift tab and add new orders. A separate order window pops up ready for product entry and the recipient’s shipping address. Channergy remembers the shipping addresses you enter so they can be used again without retyping.

Print a business invoice for the gift giver and packing lists for the recipients then pick, pack and ship. Fulfillment is handled just like any other order so you do not have to worry about separating your gift orders. Mail, email or fax the invoice to the gift giver or ship it with any other items they may have ordered for themselves. The billing invoice displays all the products sent, and the charges grouped by recipient. You can bill the recipient, charge a credit card (a single charge for all the orders) or use any of the other supported payment methods in Channergy.

The gift order system is also designed for grouping shipments to multiple recipients. This is frequently used when drop shipping for clients. Their orders can be manually entered or imported with the client as the gift giver and their customers as the recipients. While not necessary this does provide an easy way to bill your clients and provide status of shipped orders.

The multiple recipient feature is also handy for large and corporate customers who have multiple recipients in the same organization. Set up the company and add new recipients for each employee as they order. Channergy remembers their information so you only have to enter it once. You can enter purchase order numbers for each recipient in the payment section of the gift order for tracking and billing purposes.


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