Hold Order

Hold Order Overview

Channergy allows you to place any imported order on hold indefinitely or until a date you set. Upon release the order will appear in batch processing ready for order fulfillment.

How Hold Order works

In Channergy add or edit an order. In the left navigation click the “Put Order on Hold” button. In the dialog that opens click the ‘Hold Order’ checkbox and if desired select a release date from the ‘Hold Until’ pulldown. Click the ‘Close” button when done. The order will display a bright red notice in the ‘Order Info’ tab (to the right of the shipping address) indicating the order is on hold.

You can use scripts to hold orders based on criteria you choose. For example, hold all orders from a specific source, hold unpaid orders (although unpaid orders are exempted from processing by default), orders with installment payments etc. You can also set preferences to default new work orders to on hold. This allows you to approve each order before processing and fulfillment.


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