Installment Payments

Installment Payments Overview

Create installment payment plans and apply them to orders. Channergy will remind you to charge credit cards or send billing invoices to the customer at each interval until paid in full. You can hold an order too, so it does not ship until paid and processed. This works for layaways as well.

How Installment Payments work

In Channergy open an order then click ‘Installment Payments’ in the left navigation to create installment plans. Enter a Plan Name, # of Payments, Interval (weekly, monthly), # of Grace Days and whether you want to collect sales tax and/or shipping in the first payment. Click the ‘Close’ button to save your work.

To use your plans create a new order, or edit an existing one. Click the ‘Payment’ tab and select the default payment from the list. Click ‘Edit’ to open the Payment dialog (You can also create a new payment by clicking the ‘New’ button. This is handy when you want to create an installment plan for the balance of an existing order).

In the Payment dialog select “Install” as the payment method. Then select one of your plans from the ‘Plan’ pulldown. You can click the ‘Payments’ button next to see the payments that will be created or skip that step and enter the credit card number (or choose an existing card number from their history. Channergy stores them in encrypted format for PCI Compliance purposes).

You can authorize the first payment immediately using the ‘Authorize’ button or charge the card later when due. Click ‘OK’ to save and Channergy will display each of the upcoming payments in the grid. The order will not be submitted to batch processing (for fulfillment) until all the payments are authorized, however you can mark the order as On Hold as an additional safety measure. To do so click the “Put Order on Hold” button in the left navigation.

If you would like to fulfill the order immediately you can do so by printing an invoice, packing list, pick list etc. directly from the order screen. These items are found under the ‘Print’ menu item at the top of the screen. Be sure to mark the order as shipped from the Order text menu item at the top of the screen or by right clicking individual items to show that the order has been filled even though payments are still due. If you have a shipping integration set up for UPS, FedEx, USPS etc. the order will be marked shipped automatically so you can skip that step.

Installment payments are useful for payment plans, collections, layaways and staged work (like labor). You can also use them with subscriptions and recurring orders.


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