Order Messages

Order Messages Overview

Channergy Multi Channel Manager includes several message fields you can use during order entry and elsewhere. Add single messages to business invoices on-the-fly or prebuild a repeating message for all your orders and customers. Channergy includes item level messages, shipping notes, email notification and more.

How Order Messages work

In Channergy enter an order. Directly below the item list select a prebuilt message from the pulldown, or enter a custom message. It will appear on the invoice. If you would like to make a prebuilt message click on the Properties Icon and select ‘Setup Order Messages…’ Any text you type can be selected later and added to the current invoice.

Click the ‘More button next to the ‘Order Message’ field to open a dialog with a second ‘Order Message’ (which is used internally by default e.g., on pick lists, work orders etc.). It can be prebuilt or entered on-the-fly too. On this dialog click the ‘Gif/Messages’ tab and enter anything you wish into one or both of the unlimited length message fields. You can have these appear on the invoice, a gift card, work orders or any report you wish. Finally, click the ‘Shipping tab’ and enter another unlimited length message for your shipping carrier (e.g., “Leave on back porch.”). There is even an ‘Install Notes’ field if your orders require special handling or setup.

Go back to the order screen and click any item then click the ‘Customize’ button on the ‘Item Detail’ tab. This opens another unlimited length message field into which you can enter any text you wish specific to that item. It appears by default under the product on the invoice, but can be used on any report too. It is great for item instructions, gift messages and suggested add-on products.

Need to make internal notes about a specific order. Click the ‘Notes’ tab on the ‘Order’ screen and enter anything you wish. Anyone who reviews or edits the order can read them. They do not print on any reports, but again you can add them to any reports you wish.

Lastly, you can add a permanent message to any report so you do not have to type or select it during order entry. Open a report, like the invoice, and click the ‘Layout’ tab. Here you can make any changes you wish including adding a Label or Memo field (from the Page Designer icon). Type your message and drag and drop it anywhere you like on the preview of your form.

Channergy includes other messages and notes you can enter on other screens too. There is plenty of room to make as many comments as you wish, all in easy to use and find locations.


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