Order Priority

Order Priority Overview

Some orders require special attention. In Channergy you can import orders and print these at the top of pick lists and fulfill them first. Or, you can lower the priority of an order and save it for later fulfillment.

How Order Priority works

In Channergy open the Order screen and click the ‘Priority’ button under the ‘Setup’ option in the left column. In the dialog that opens add as many Priority names as you wish and their Sort Order. Close the dialog and then on any order click the ‘Details’ button. You can specify a Priority manually from the pulldown for any order.  Or, an order import can specify the priority so it is automatically populated.

When you print pick lists, invoices etc. you can specify the sort order in the report to look at Priority first. Ascending order will print items with a Priority Sort Order of 1 first. Your Rush items can be first and Low Priority items last. You can also have them print in separate batches.

Other fields can be used to sort and separate batches in the report writer too. Use fields such as items ordered, order source, date, time etc. They can work in lieu of or in conjunction with the Priority field for maximum flexibility.


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