Order Source

Order Source Overview

You can track where your orders came from whether they were imported orders or keyed. The source can be used to sort orders at fulfillment, report on sales amounts and costs by source, control the contact information on reports (e.g., Different billing invoices for different stores/sources) and send orders to different locations to fulfill.

How Order Source works

In Channergy you can specify a list of sources. Open the Order screen and click the ‘Order Source’ button under Setup on the left column. In the dialog that opens add as many sources as you wish. These may be general like; “Internet”, “Phone” etc. or specific like the name of each web store or retail location. Click ‘Close’ and then on any order click the ‘Details’ button to manually select a source for an order.

You can import orders and have them automatically set the source for an order based on the location from which they came. In addition, on import you can specify a unique Operator ID for each source. This allows you to control the contact information on invoices automatically. You can set the invoice to use under the Operator ID setup (Click the Setup menu item on the main Channergy menu and use the pulldown under each ID to specify an invoice report).

Sources can also be used by any report to sort or separate information. Print a sales report with totals for each location. Or have the report page break at each source for distribution to separate recipients. Email notifications can be sent based on source as well. Quickly notify drop shippers, vendors and other recipients of any information related to their orders that you wish.

In the Multi Channel Manager (MCM) you can setup Operator ID sources so orders are marked automatically as they are downloaded. Click Tools>;Preferences from the text menu at the top of Channergy and on the dialog that opens click the Channels tab. Select a channel on the left to Add or Edit and in the next dialog that opens select the Operator ID you wish to assign it from the pulldown. If you do not have an ID already created you can do so from the Setup menu instructions above for assigning invoices to locations.

Once setup your location sourcing, invoice printing and reporting/emailing are all automatic.


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