Terms Overview

Do you offer payment terms to your customers? In Channergy you can create as many payment plans as you like and assign them to orders and customers. Then print statements or email notifications to remind them to pay. Channergy exports to your Quickbooks add on so you can age your accounts receivables.

How Terms work

In Channergy click the ‘Orders’ button, then in the Setup section of the left column click the ‘Terms’ button. In the dialog that opens you can add as many plans as you wish. Type a descriptive name (e.g., Due Upon Receipt or Net 30) then enter the Net Days, Discount %, Discount Days and Finance %. Click Close to save your work.

You can assign a plan at order entry by clicking the ‘Details’ button and selecting a plan from the pulldown. Or, assign terms at the customer level (on the ‘Additional Info’ tab of the Customer screen) and they will be applied automatically to all future orders by that customer.

From the Report Center you can print statements for date ranges ready to mail. Or click the Email Notification button and run the Statements email notifications.

Accounts Receivable export to Quickbook so you can use it to track amounts due and age receivables. Receive payments in Channergy and it update Quickbooks. No need to enter payments twice or work in two separate programs.


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