Tracking Numbers

How Package Tracking works

When a customer buys a product on a web store, marketplace, or auction, they are given a unique number for each package. This tracking number allows the customer to trace where the package is in the shipping process.  The Channergy package tracking software allows the online merchant to automate many shipping tasks in order to save time.

How Channergy works with tracking numbers

Channergy integrates with multiple shipping solutions including UPS Worldship, FedEx Manager and Dazzle from Endicia. Each of these creates shipping tracking numbers for packages you ship. These numbers are automatically entered into Channergy and then emailed and uploaded to your web sites. In Channergy, edit or create an order. On the left navigation, click the ‘Tracking Numbers’ button to open a dialog.

The dialog may open in read-only mode. If you would like to enter or edit shipping tracking numbers manually you can unlock the dialog in preferences (Tools > Preferences > Orders).

In the display you can see the package tracking number that was returned to Channergy by your shipping software, or you can manually enter numbers. Most package tracking software also returns the actual charges billed to you (this is different than the charges billed to your customer, but can be the same amount), the weight of the package, the date shipped, the carrier and method and up to 3 custom fields. If you have more than one tracking number you can use the < > arrows at the top of the dialog to scroll through them.

Channergy can also upload package tracking numbers to your web stores that support them. Some of the web stores that work with Channergy include AmazoneBayMagento, and Volusion.


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