Product Search

Product Search Overview

Find products in Channergy through a quick product search with a multitude of options – product number, size, color, keywords, upc codes and more. The software’s product search is customizable and consistent across orders, inventory and purchase orders.

The product search screen includes rich details about each item including images, stock levels, backorder status, current quantities (for hot selling items) and your own custom fields.

How Product Search works

In Channergy enter an order, open the inventory screen or start a new purchase order. Open the product search dialog or start typing a product number and press the F2 key.

Channergy’s product search is fast. Indexed fields and an intelligently designed database means you can locate a product in seconds, no matter how large your inventory catalog grows. You can simply search the system by product number. But there are many more options; Full Text Search looks at the Product Number, Description and Long Description fields simultaneously. Or, you can search any one of those fields individually. Filter by supplier and product type. Hide or show In Stock and Discontinued items too.

Do you sell items with multiple options like size, color etc.? The ‘Subproducts’ tab in the product search makes finding any combination of options quick and easy. Select a product then select each option from the pulldown fields. You can create Subproducts quickly in Channergy for thousands of variations.

After you find your product(s) you can get detailed information about each one including your own custom fields, number in stock, on order and backorder from vendors and much more. Critical items are displayed directly on the search but you can see every detail with 2 clicks including images, attachments (like .pdf and word docs) etc.

Ready to add an item to an order? No need to close the search add 1 or more while the search screen remains open. You can even customize the items as you add them (insert instructions, notes, personalization, monograms etc.).

Finally, the product search screen is fully customizable. Change it to suit your business and start adding items to orders more quickly and with less errors. The product search works for inventory and purchase orders too.


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