Invoicing Customers and Applying Payments to Multiple Orders


Core Technologies has written an add on application that allows the user to generate invoices for customers and send them as emails with or without PDF attachments using the HtmlEmail utility.  This application also allows users to apply payments to multiple invoices.


Logging In To Channergy Invoicing

The application requires a user login to access the functionality.  It uses the operators table in Channergy to login and only operators with Management Overrides given Full Access will be allowed to access/use the invoicing utility.  For information on setting up permissions in Channergy go to Operators and Security.


Creating Invoices

Creating invoices involves the following steps

  • Searching for the customer to invoice
  • Selecting the orders that you want to invoice.
  • Sending them

Searching for a Customer

By default the Select customer combo box lists all the customers by the billing company name

However you can also use the Find Customer button to locate them by First Name, Last Name, company, Email address or phone number

Clicking on the record in the list will load the customer profile in the main window.

Selecting the Orders that you want to invoice

Once the customer profile has been selected the application will list all of the orders that have a balance due that have not been previously invoiced.

The application determines if if an order has been invoiced if the order has an Action in the Order Notes… window of Invoiced.


You can use the Select All or Unselect All buttons to check or uncheck all of the orders that were located in the search, or you can select individual invoices to be sent.

Sending the Invoices

To send the selected invoices click on the Send As PDF or Send  As Html buttons the application uses the invoice notification called “Process Invoices Email” that is set up in the Channergy Email Manager.

If the Send as PDF option is selected the invoice is set with a PDF attachment using the same layout as the HTML defined in the Email Notification setup window

If there were no errors in sending the invoices, a record is added to the Order Notes window indicating that the order has been invoiced.

Applying Payments

Once the customer record has been selected, the unpaid orders will also be listed in the Apply Payments tab.

The action of applying payments varies depending on what payment method is selected.

Paying by Check

If the Check method of payment is selected, there are additional fields available to use, Check Number and Amount

When you key in the Check number and the amount of the payment, the Remaining to be applied is also populated with the Amount

To apply a payment to a selected order, simply key in the amount of the payment into the AppliedAmt field in the grid, when you tab out of the AppliedAmt field the remaining to be applied and the DueAmt are updated accordingly.

If you key in an amount greater than what is remaining to be applied the application generates a warning dialog box.


Paying by Direct Dep

If Direct Dep(osit) is selected the window removes the Check Number field but the Amount and Remaining to be applied fields remain

Functionally the application works the same as with paying by Check you apply the amounts to the invoices that are to be paid by this direct deposit and the DueAmt and the Remaining to be applied are adjusted accordingly.

Paying by Credit

If Credit is selected, all of the amount fields above the grid are hidden.


To select an invoice that you want the credit card payment to be applied, simply key in the amount in the AppliedAmt field and the PaidAmt and DueAmt are adjusted accordingly


Applying Payments

When you click on the Apply Payments button the following actions happen.

  1. A payment record is added to each of the orders that have a non zero AppliedAmt using the same payment method selected above the grid.
  2. A new order number is added to the system that contains a list of the invoices paid and any fees/credits applied. 
    1. If you select the Customize.. button in the Item Detail tab you will see what Order Number this payment has been applied to.
  3. The Payment tab will contain the record of the payment method selected in the Channergy Invoicing application.  If the payment selected in the application was Credit, you will be able to charge the card from this order/invoice.

Under The Hood

The invoicing application uses the Terms defined in the database and linked to the customer profile.  Computing the fees and adding them to the new invoice is done using the SQL code in the ChannergyScripts table with the ScriptName of “Invoice”.  This can be modified using the Database Systems Utility that is installed with Channergy.













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