License File Installer


This utility is designed to allow you to install/update Channergy license files on your server.

Installation and Setup

The application will be installed in the Channergy program files folder on the server (c:\Program Files (x86)\Channergy) and a short cut will be placed on the desktop.

Running the Application

Direct Connection to the Database

When you receive your new license files from Channergy, you will need to save them to a folder on the server.  Here are the steps to follow to install:

  1. Open the License File Installer on the server
  2. Click on the Select License File Folder button.  This will launch a folder browser button.
  3. Select the folder that contains the license files you extracted.  Normally, they will be in a folder called Company Name where Company Name is your company.
  4. When you click on the OK button, you will get the following dialog box.
  5. If all of your users have closed Channergy the application will send a signal to the MCM to pause the service and then stop it (and any other Channergy services running.
  6. When the license files have been updated you will get the following dialog box.

Client Server Installation

The license file installer uses the information stored in the Channergy.ini file to determine the path that was last used to connect to the database.  If you have a client server installation and used that connection to connect to the database the last time Channergy was used on the server you will get this message.

If you click on the Yes in the dialog box, the application will open a folder browser and allow you to navigate to the data folder. Once you have selected a valid data folder the license file installation will proceed as with a direct connection as described above.



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