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The bulk price update tool is designed to update prices for all of your products in one action. The prices can be updated based on a selected supplier or for a selected Channel or Channel Account.

New Pricing Manager Updates

* Added the ability to change the sale price in the channellistings
* Added the choice to update the prices based on the Primary supplier or the multiple suppliers
* Added the ability to filter records by either a price range or a product wild card
* Added the ability to export the data to CSV
* Added the ability to save and reload a query.



Launching the Tool

The Bulk Price Update Tool is installed in your Channergy data folder or in the Channergy client-server folder (if you have the client server version of Channergy).   The Bulk Price Update tool can be launched from the Tools menu in Channergy.


Using the Bulk Price Update Tool

The Bulk Price Update Tool generally follows these steps

  1. Select the table you want to update the prices in.
  2. Select the price field you want to update
  3. Select the table you want the price update to be based on
  4. Select the value you want the price change to be based on
  5. Select the type of price change you want to apply
  6. Select the value of the price adjustment
  7. Optionally you can also select a price range
  8. Preview the changes
  9. Apply the changes

Below are the details of each step


Selecting the table you want to update

The current version of this tool allows the user to change the prices in either the Products or Channel Listings tables.

When the table is selected the tool will update the available price fields for that table


Selecting the price field you want to update

Depending on the table selected above, the price fields available for selection will vary.  In the case of the products table there are four options Retail Price, Wholesale Price, Price3 and Price4


Selecting the table to base the price update on

The Adjust Price Using combo box is designed to allow you to change the prices of products using a selected Channel, Channel Account, or Supplier

Once the Adjust Price Using is selected, the Select combo box will be populated with the options.  In this case the Supplier is selected so the following combo box will be populated with the supplier list.

Note, if the supplier option is selected, the tool will use the primary supplier to do the update


Selecting the value you want the price adjustment to be based on

When the Adjust Price Using field is selected, the contents of that field is added to the Select combo box.  In the below example, since the Supplier was selected, then all of the suppliers are listed.

So far in this example, the Wholesale Prices in the Products window will be changed based on the Wholesale Cell Phone Co. supplier.


Selecting what type of price adjustment you want to make

The tool allows you to do either a fixed price adjustment or a percentage price adjustment.


Adding the amount of the adjustment

When the amount of the adjustment is added to the application, the formatting of the data in the Amount of adjustment field will be determined by the type of adjustment.  There is no need to add the $ or % symbols to the amount of adjustment window,  just key in the number



Using the Percentage Adjustment

If the Percentage option is selected, the application expects the amount of the adjustment to be a decimal value.  If you want to adjust the prices by 10% and key in 10 in the adjustment field. you will get the following message.

After clicking on the OK button the value will be cleared and the focus will be sent back to the Amount of adjustment field.


Selecting the Price Range for the Adjustment

The price range adjustment is an optional filter that you can use.  For instance, in the example used in here, if you want to add 10% to the Wholesale price for all the products where the Wholesale Cell Phone Co is the supplier where the price is between $1.00 and $100.00, you would add the price range like this.

There is no need to add the $ to the price range field, the application will do that for you.

If you leave the price range fields blank, the price change will be applied to all the records that match the other criteria.


Previewing the price changes.

If you click on the Preview button the data grid will show a list of the products that match the selected criteria including the original price and the adjusted price.  This is a preview only, the Channergy data has not been updated.

If the application detects an invalid query based on options selected it will display and error message.  For instance if you try to update the Products table based on the Channel Listings like this

Clicking the Preview button will show this message.

Updating the Prices

If yo click on the Update Prices button the system will warn you that you are about to update the database

If you click on the Yes button the query will run and update the records that you selected.  When the update is complete, the tool will display a dialog box.







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