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Channergy exports to QuickBooks the following items:

  1. Sales including tax and shipping amounts
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payable

To export the information above you run Channergy Scripts from the Tools menu at the top of the Channergy screen. There are 2 scripts named QuickbooksDailyExport1.mws and ChannergyQuickbooksBillExport-1.mws.

The first script exports your sales for the time period since you previously ran it (e.g., for that day if you run the script daily). Don’t worry, Channergy remembers what it exported so you can’t miss anything or double export.

When you import the file Channergy creates (ChannergyQuickbooksExport.iif) you will see your sales information in QuickBooks. Channergy exports the products sold, total sales, sales tax and shipping amounts. You can view these in the Invoices screen and see them in the General Ledger as well.

Channergy will also create Accounts Receivable for any of your customers that owe you money.

You can also run the ChannergyQuickbooksBillExport-1.mws script anytime you receive inventory and enter an invoice from your vendor. Channergy will create a file named ChannergyQuickbooksBillExport.iif which you can import into QuickBooks. It will create the vendor account if it does not already exist and a payment due for the amount of the invoice. You can then print checks from QuickBooks to pay your vendors.

Below are screenshots of QuickBooks as it was updated from Channergy using the Channergy sample company (CellPhones4U).

If you need the combination file of Channergy scripts and IIF files called VB app, you can download it from here. Save them into your Channergy data directory and follow the instructions at the end of the video tutorial to install them.




New_Burst_3Channergy Inventory Update Module For Quickbooks

What Does It Do?

The purpose of this application is to pull quantities sold from the Channergy database and update the quantity in the Quickbooks items table.


  1. Download the file from https://channergy.com/pub/QB/QBInventoryUpdate.exe
  2. Copy the file into the Channergy data directory (this is usually c:\Channergy\Data)
  3. Create a shortcut to the QBInventoryUpdate.exe file by right clicking on the file and select Create Shortcut from the context menu.
  4. Copy the shortcut to the Tools folder (usually C:\Channergy\Data\Tools)

Setting up the ODBC connection

To make sure that the application connects correctly to the Channergy database, click on the Test Connection option from the Setup menu.  If you do not get a successful connection do the following.

  1. Download the drivers from the Setup->ODBC->Download Drivers menuODBC
  2. Open the downloaded ChannergyODBC.exe file and install it with all the standard options.
  3. Setup the ODBC connection: Go to Setup->ODBC->Setup Connection
  4. The ODBC Data Source Administrator will open.
    1. Click on the System DSN tab.ODBCAdmin
    2. Click on the Add button
    3. Select the DBISAM 4 ODBC Driver from the list and click on the Finish buttonDBISAMODBC
    4. In the Data Source Name field in the Configure Data Source screen type in the word Channergy.DataSource
    5. Click on the Next> several times and accept all of the default values and then the Finish button to complete the process.

Running the Application

  1. Open Quickbooks and open the company that has the common products with Channergy
  2. Open Channergy and click on the QBInventoryUpdate option from the tools menu. The following dialog will open.QBInventoryUpdate
  3. Click on the Import From Channergy (or Mailware) button.
    1. The first time it will run and create a table called QBInvExport this is where the app will track which items have been exported. It contains nothing but an ItemNo field and a ShipDt field. That way if someone changes the status of an item the shipdt will be updated and the information will be exported to QB.
    2. The app creates a temp file containing all of the Items that have been marked as shipped or returned.
    3. The query excludes any products that are marked as non-inventory in Channergy
    4. The query also excludes any ItemNo’s and ShipDt’s (combination key) that match those in the QBInvExport
    5. This file is then summarized by ProductNo and dumped into a temp table.
    6. When this is complete you will see a message similar to *19:47:35: Channergy Inventory Imported* in the message window.
  4. Click on the Update QB Inventory
    1. The first time you run this you will get a screen similar this in QuickbooksQBCertificate
    2. Select the option that you want to use and click on Continue…
    3. You will get a screen similar to this in QuickbooksAccessConfirmation
    4. Click on the Done button.
    5. As the inventory is updated in Quickbooks you will see a screen similar to belowUpdateQBInventory
    6. This screen shows the products that were updated and the quantity that they were updated by.
    7. Any products that are in the Channergy export that are not in QB will show an error in the text box and show a dialog box similar toQBInventoryUpdateResult
    8. Once the process is completed the app appends the QBInvExport table with all of the transactions that were posted to QB so that the same items are not exported again.
    9. If a product was not found in QB it will not be added to the QBInvExport table so that when the product is added to QB it will be updated at a later time.




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