Sales Tax Management Tool

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This tool is designed to allow Channergy users to import takes tax tables into the Channergy Sales tax tables and export sales tax transaction information in a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) to Avalara for sales tax reporting.

Launching the Tool

The Sales Tax Management Tool is installed in your Channergy data folder or in the Channergy client-server folder (if you have the client server version of Channergy).   The Sales Tax Management Tool tool can be launched from the Tools menu in Channergy.


Using the Application

The Sales Tax management utility has two basic functions.  The first is to import the sales tax tables into the Channergy database and the second is to export the data to be uploaded.

Updating the Tax on Shipping Rules

The application includes a table that contains the latest (as of 03/23/2020) rules on what states require tax to be calculated for shipping.  The table can be accessed by clicking on the Update Tax On Shipping Rules in the Import Tax Tables tab.

If a state changes their rules on whether or not they require shipping to be taxed, you can update that in the Tax On Shipping window.  When tax tables are imported, the rules in the above table will be applied to all of the records imported.

Importing the Sales Tax Tables

The utility is designed to import the sales tax tables that you can download from Avalara

When the files are downloaded from the Avalara site they will be in a zipped format.  Extract the files and note where they are extracted to.

  1. Click on the Select Sales Tax Folder button and navigate to the folder that contains the extracted files that were downloaded from Avalara
  2. This will load a list of the files that you downloaded from Avalara
  3. Select the files you want to import the tax tables for.
  4. Click on the Import Selected Tax Tables button.
  5. The Process window will pop up and show you the progress.  If there are any errors they will show up in the window.

Exporting Sales Tax

The tool is designed to allow the user to select specific operators and a date range to export the sales tax as there are some channels that integrate directly with Avalara.

  1. Enter the date range you want to export
  2. Select the Operator(s) you want to export the data for.
    1. You can use the Ctrl-Click option to select multiple operators.
  3. Click on the Export Tax File button
  4. The Process window will pop up and show you the progress.  If there are any errors they will show up in the window.
  5. The file is saved to the Export folder under the folder that the Sales Tax Management tool is installed in.



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