Installation and Setup


Instructions for installing and setting up Channergy

Follow the steps below for help installing Channergy and setting up including license files, preferences, security and various items you need to enter before using Channergy for you orders, customers and inventory.

See the Using Channergy topic for help with using Channergy after it is set up.

Channergy Installation and Setup

          Implementation Process – See our Channergy Implementation Process page for details about how implementation works.

    1. Install the Channergy Full Install including the script editor (included in the install)
    2. Install the Database Utilities and ODBC driver
    3. Setup a Network Database
    4. Install license files
    5. Point Workstations to Database
    6. Setup Operators and Security – Enter users and channels. Can also set up multiple companies if relevant.
    7. Enter Preferences
      1. Company Info – Enter company name and address
      2. Network – Shows the paths to your data and private directories
      3. Orders – Several preferences for order entry and shipping.
      4. Customers – Alternate Customer Number formula and Tab Order for searching.
      5. Products – Custom fields and international settings.
      6. Data Entry – Set behavior when using Channergy to enter fields.
      7. Credit Card – Set up credit card integration (customer provides login) and Multiple Merchant Accounts
      8. ECheck – Set up your ECheck provider credentials.
      9. Printers – Select default printers and Report Writer tabs for users.
      10. POS – Select for POS customers
      11. CRM – Default URL for tabs in the CRM.
      12. Channels – This will be set up in the MCM Setup section below.
    8. Enter or import data  (including Data Conversions):
        1. Vendors
        2. Products including Sub Products, Assemblies and Channel Listings
        3. Shipping Methods
        4. Ad Source Keys
        5. Sales Tax
        6. Email Notification
        7. Process Orders – assign appropriate reports to Print button
        8. Customers
        9. Orders
        10. Zip Codes
    9. MCM Setup
      1. Install the MCM on the server.
      2. Enter credentials for each channel
      3. Install any scripts for SQL channels
      4. Test channel connection (Note: Products must be set up in Channergy to test)
    10. Update or Upgrade an Existing Channergy Install

Advanced Setup

  1. Client-Server Setup
    1. Server Administration Tool
  2. Shipping Integrations
    1. Verify install of each system (e.g., FedEx, UPS and USPS)
    2. Setup integration and test
  3. Custom Work
    1. Install Scripts and test – Creating and Running Scripts
    2. Install Custom Reports and test – Report writer help

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