Client-Server Setup

Client-Server Setup Instructions.

Client/Server is more secure and is much less prone to data corruption. Only the server accesses the data so if it is in good working order you will not see any data corruption. The workstations access it only via the server.

The following instructions are general in nature and may vary depending on your specific server configuration.

    1. Download the version of Channergy that you are licensed for from here.
    2. When  you run the installer on your server make sure that you select the Client-Server option.
    3. After the install is complete, create a folder on your system for each company that you will be running through client-server.  For example C:\Channergy\ClientServer
    4. Share the new folder and give it full permissions to Everyone.
    5. Copy the reports folder from your data directory to the new directory.  Normally this is C:\Channergy\Data\reports
    6. Create a tools folder in the new directory.  For example C:\Channergy\ClientServer\Tools
    7. Copy all of the Channergy Script files (.mws extention) into the new C:\Channergy\ClientServer folder.  NOTE: Do not copy the Channergy Scripts into the tools folder.
    8. Create a new file in the C:\Channergy\ClientServer folder and call it clientserver.ini
    9. Open Notepad or some other text editor and add the following to the new clientserver.ini file
      [Settings] UseClientServer=1
    10. Change the IPAddress = to be the IP address of the server that the client server (and the Channergy data) are installed on.

To check your IP address click the Windows Start button then choose Control Panel (you may need to select Settings, then Control Panel). Double click Network Connections. In the dialog that opens double-click your network connection. In the dialog that opens click the Support tab which displays your IP address (Note: this is the IP address for the PC, not the IP for the Internet.).

  1. Save the clientserver.ini in the C:\Channergy\ClientServer folder.
  2. To Ensure that the client-server is set up as a service do the following.
      1. Open a Command window (Start -> Run -> Cmd)
      2. Navigate to the directory that contains the client server file.  It will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Channergy\CS Engine.
      3. Type the following command in the Command Prompt: dbsrvr /install
      4. If the client-server engine was installed correctly you will get a prompt similar to Service Installed Successfully
  3. To start the Service you will need to do the following
    1. Double click on the Administrative Tools from the Control Panel
    2. Double click on the Services icon
    3. Locate the Channergy Client-Server service, it will have the form  DBSRVR_MW_20XX_YYYY where XX is the version year of the software and YYYY is the build number.screen-shot-09-13-16-at-03-32-pm
    4. Click on the Start hyperlink to start the service.
  4. On your server, click the Windows Start button and select All Programs ->DBIASAM Additional Software and Utilities -> Server Administration Utility.
    1. If you are installing Channergy 2010 or later the Server Administration Utility will be located under Channergy in the start menu.screen-shot-09-13-16-at-03-28-pm
  5. From the Server Administration Utilityscreen-shot-09-13-16-at-03-33-pm
    1. Click on File Login to Server you will get a login screen.screen-shot-09-13-16-at-03-34-pm
    2. For the default login use Admin as the User Name and DBAdmin as the Password.
    3. Click on the Databases tab and then the Add button.
    4. In the Name field that appears type Channergy. By using the Select button next to the directory field, browse to the directory that contains your Channergy data, then click Save (Note: You must name the database Channergy (or whatever you named it in the clientserver.ini file).
    5. Click on the Users tab and add as many users as you need.
    6. Click on the Database Users table and then click Add at the bottom.  Select one of the users you added from the pulldown that lights up.  Check all of the Rights to Grant and click Save.  Repeat this for all users.
    7. Close the Server Administration Utility.
      1. Click for more detail information on the Server Administration Utility
    8. Open Channergy and click File -> New Database from the text menu.Screen Shot 08-17-16 at 08.38 AM
    9. From the Open Database screenScreen Shot 08-17-16 at 11.00 AM
    10. Click on the Screen Shot 08-17-16 at 11.05 AM button
    11. Give the Company a name such as ChannergyCS
    12. Click on the DotDotDot button and navigate to the C:\Channergy\ClientServer folder.
    13. Click on the Ok button after you have saved the location and then click Ok again to exit the Open Database screen.
    14. You should now get a login prompt similar toscreen-shot-09-13-16-at-03-34-pm
    15. To test your connection to the Channergy database through the client-server use the User Name of Admin and DBAdmin as the Password.

NOTE: For setting up multiple companies:

  1. Create a new database in the server admin utility, then
  2. Create a separate folder for each company with its own clientserver.ini and,
  3. Name the RemoteDatabase above to the same name as the db you created.
  4. For all folders include a reports and tools folder to store reports and script shortcuts.

Scripts are stored in the same folder as the clientserver.ini file


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