Data Overview

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When you set up Channergy you can either manually enter your data or have us import your data from one or more sources. We call this service a Data Conversion and your data can come from multiple source including:

  • Another back office system
  • QuickBooks
  • Various channels – e.g., Amazon
  • Your web store
  • .csv (text) files you provide
  • .csv files from your vendors

To properly use Channergy you need a minimum amount of data entered, especially products. The following topics explain how to enter the different data you may need. Because these topics are also part of the Using Channergy section you will want to click the Back button after visiting each one to return here.

If you are entering data manually we recommend you enter it in the following order. If we are providing a data conversion for you for one or more of the items in the list (e.g., Products), just skip those. You can enter your other data while you are waiting for your first and/or final data conversion.

Click here for older version of Mailware.

Note: Use the Back button on your browser after visiting each of the following pages to return to this list.

  1. Vendors
  2. Products including Sub Products, Assemblies and Channel Listings
  3. Shipping Methods
  4. Ad Source Keys
  5. Sales Tax
  6. Email Notification
  7. Process Orders – assign appropriate reports to Print button
  8. Customers
  9. Orders
  10. Zip Codes – These are provided for you, but you can edit any you wish.

As you enter your data be sure to Backup your database (Tools>;Backup from the text menu if you are not using Client/Server). When we send your data conversion you can simply copy the files we send into your data directory overwriting the existing files there.


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