Channergy Implementation Process


When you purchase, you are assigned one or more technicians who manage the implementation process. They will connect Channergy to your database and channels and set up shipping and other 3rd party software connections.  They can also help you install Channergy on your workstations. During that process, another tech will be converting your data into Channergy (if you purchased a Data Conversion). We send you an initial conversion, so you can approve it. Then, when you are ready to go live we do a final conversion (usually on a Friday we get your latest data and you go live with it on a Monday). A tech trains your team on the go live date in one or multiple sessions. You can see the full implementation schedule at Installation and setup page. This is listed on your quote as “Implementation Fee”.

Setting up Your Channels

You can do most of the channel account setups yourself. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Go into Operators & Security and set up the operators for your channels. This is also where you would set up your Channergy user accounts.
  2. Go to the Tools -> Preferences menu and set up your channels in the Channels tab.
  3. Learn more about setting up your Preferences.

Getting your data

If you purchased a data conversion, we will need to get files containing your data. There are specific data that you can get depending on what web store or market place you want to import the data from.

The approach that we recommend is that you let us know which store/marketplace has most (or all) of your products. We will use the Product numbers (SKU’s) as the master Product No in Channergy. Then, we will import the data from the other stores. If there are product numbers that do not match product numbers from the first channel, we will generate a spreadsheet (called a cross-reference table) that will list the products those are not matching. Your job will be to provide the correct product number for those products.

Listed below are the common product reports that we request for importing data from the most common stores/marketplaces. If your store(s) are not listed below, information on getting the data will be provided from us.

  • Amazon – The Active Listings’ report used to import your data
  • ebay – If your products do not have variants on eBay, you can provide us with an Active listings’ report from File Exchange. If you do have products with variants, we would need to get a Revise Price and Quantity report in the file Exchange format*
  • Big commerce – The Products’ and SKU’s report
  • Magento – Credentials required in order to connect to your Magento database server and import the data directly through the database connection
  • OS Commerce – Credentials required in order to connect to your OS Commerce database server and import the data directly through the database connection
  • X-Cart – Credentials required in order to connect to your X-Cart database server and import the data directly through the database connection
  • ASPDOTNET – Credentials required in order to connect to your ASPDOTNET database server and import the data directly through the database connection
  • Custom (MySQL) – Credentials required in order to connect to your MySQL database server and import the data directly through the database connection
  • Custom (SQL Server) – Credentials required in order to connect to your SQL Server database server and import the data directly through the database connection

*The ebay implementation uses the Custom Label field as the Product number (SKU). The default ebay screen layout does not include this field and it will have to be turned on. As a result, many active listing reports from ebay will not include valid information regarding the product listing. If that is the case, you will have to edit the file that you get from File Exchange and add Product numbers in the Custom Description field.

Setting Up your Shipping Integrations

If you purchased a shipping integration, there are some steps that you will need to do before we can set up the connection between your shipping software and Channergy. Also, there are some variations depending on whether or not you are using the cloud version or are hosting Channergy at your location.

               Cloud Hosting

Once we have set up your login to the server you will need to log into the cloud server and install your shipping software on that system. See the list below for specific versions of the software that are required for the integration.

               Local Hosting

In most cases you will most likely have the software installed on one (or several) of your systems. If not, you will need to install the software on a system that will be used for shipping. See the list below for specific versions of the software that are required for the integration.

               Shipping Software Version Requirements

In order for the shipping integration to work, there are specific versions that are required as listed below.

  • UPS – The only requirement is that UPS World ship be installed and set up with your shipper account on your shipping system.
  • FedEx Ship Manager – The only requirement is that FedEx Ship Manager be installed and set up with your shipper account on your shipping system.
  • Endicia – You need to have an Endicia Professional account and have that version of the software installed and set up with your shipper account on your shipping system.
  • – You will need to have a Premier plan in order to connect with the Channergy software.
  • Additional ServicesContact us for details about other shipping integrations

Other Integrations

Channergy works with other third party systems as well including credit card processors (see our supported list), accounting packages (e.g., Quickbooks) and many more.  Contact us for details about supported integrations.

               What Core Technologies Will Do

Once the all third party software is installed, we will create the database connection between supported software (e.g., shipping software, credit card processing, accounting systems) and Channergy. For shipping integrations, we will map the Channergy data fields to the appropriate fields in your shipping software and verify that the data are pulling from and posting back tracking information back to Channergy.

Training (Quick start)

If you purchased a Quick Start (training) then we will call (or email) to set up a time to do your training. We generally break up Quick Start training into 1 to 1 ½ hour segments. We have found that anything longer than that is a little too much information to absorb in one sitting. However we also offer full day and multiple day training either remotely or onsite.

We treat training as a two way process. Not only are we showing you how to use the software we also use the training process to learn your business process and offer suggestions on how to improve your workflow and customize your implementation of Channergy to match your business model.

We recommend reading through our End User License Agreement about your responsibilities as a Project Manager and the Terms and Conditions in your quote. Every installation is unique and our team works closely with you to make sure you have the best possible experience and on time go live. Check out our implementation process for more details.


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