Install Channergy

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You can use the Channergy Demo install already on your system or start new with the full install. The components you select depend on whether you are installing at the server or an individual workstation.

  1. Download the Full Channergy Installer for your version from the Updates page.
  2. Either place the download where each workstation can see it or download it individually to each PC.
  3. On your server, or the PC hosting your data, run the install. Click Next at each step with special attention to the following dialogs:1
    You must accept the License Agreement to continue. You can read the agreement before proceeding and print it out if you like. The full agreement is available online in our Policies as well.2
    Each install will include a blank Channergy database. You can use the default of C:\ChannergyData (recommended) or set your own path. Only the server requires a database be installed so you can delete the entire folder that is created on any other stations if you wish.3
    On the PC that is hosting your Channergy data select “Server” or “Client-Server” as the Setup Type. This will install Channergy and the Multi Channel Manager (MCM). The Client-Server install includes the MCM and additional Client/Server files. The Client option is used for workstations and does not include the MCM.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each individual workstation but choose the “Client” Setup Type. We will point these workstations to the main database in the next steps. 

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