Install License Files

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To install your Channergy license files:

Note: For Client/Server follow the steps below for your data directory, then visit:

Quick Install: You can simply save the MWctrl files that were emailed to you directly into your data directory. Or you can use the following instructions to locate your data directory so you can install them.

  1. Open Channergy and choose File -> Open Company from the text menu.

  2. Select the data directory you will be using from the listing.
  3. Click Edit so you can copy the path or write it down.
  4. Click Cancel at each dialog to close them, then close Channergy.
  5. Save the license files, MwCtrl.DAT, MwCtrl.IDX to your your data directory overwriting the existing files there.
  6. Open Channergy and click Help -> About on the text menu. Your license file information should appear in the dialog that opens.
  7. If you license information does not appear you may not have placed the license files in the correct location, or they may not have overwritten the temporary license files that are included with the install. Close Channergy. Open Windows Explorer browse to your data directory. Delete all the MwCtrl files (there are 4) and repeat the steps above. If you are using Client/Server be sure to put the license files in your Client/Server folder as well (the one containing the clientserver.ini file).

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