Multiple Merchant Accounts

Approve credit cards in Channergy through multiple accounts.

When you set up credit cards in Channergy you can choose to use multiple merchant accounts for some of the supported software packages. You might do this if you use different accounts for different types of credit cards, or if you have multiple companies.

  1. To access the Credit Card  feature click on the Settings Tab on the Channergy Explorer and click on Credit Cards140
  2. This will open up the Credit Card screen. 141
  3. If  you have no credit cards set up the screen will open with a blank record.  If you want to add a new provider, click on the New Button button.
  4. Populate the fields in the following manner
    1. Card Code – Enter an abbreviation for the credit card type. The code may be up to 10 characters long.  This is a key field so each card code must be uniqe.
    2. Card Type – Select a type from the pulldown.
    3. Price Level – Select the price level associated with the Merchant ID (different Merchant ID’s for Retail and Wholesale are common). If you use the same Merchant ID for all your price levels you can leave this field blank.
    4. Merchant # – Enter the Merchant ID number associated with this card type and price level.
    5. Repeat the above steps for each Merchant ID you use and all combination of Price Level and Card Types. When you approve an order in Channergy it will automatically use the correct Merchant account. (Note: The Merchant ID Numbers must be set up in your credit card software as well). You will also have the option of selecting a different ID when approving charges. Note: When you set up your credit card software you must check the Use Tables checkbox to activate support for Multiple Merchant ID’s.
  5. To scroll through your existing credit card providers use the Navigation Buttons buttons as the top of the screen.
  6. You can save the current record by clicking on the Save Button button.
  7. Closing the screen with the Close Button button in the upper right corner will save the current record.

UNDER THE HOOD: The CredCard table is only used for charging with multiple merchant accounts and this feature can only be used for the ICVERIFY (X-Charge) and PC-Charge Interface software.  If the Use Table check box is checked in the Credit Card tab of Tools -> Preferences you will be given the option of selecting the merchant account during credit card authorization of an order.


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