Point Workstations to Database

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After you install Channergy’s database and license files you can point each of the individual workstations to the data directory you created and shared. This allows them to simultaneously update and use the same data.

  1. Open Channergy by clicking its icon under the Start button.
  2. Click the Open Company folder. This will open a dialog where you can switch from the sample database to a blank database where you can enter your own information. 
  3. DATA DIRECTORY: In the dialog that opens select the Network Database and click Add (or if there is already a database in the list highlight it and click Edit if you wish to make changes.) Note: This is your data directory where your customers, orders, products etc. are stored as well as your license files if you are not using Client/Server.
  4. In the next dialog that opens change the name of the database to your company name, then click the … button to browse to the data directory where you installed the blank database.
  5. For each of your additional workstations on your network repeat steps 1 – 4. When you browse to or enter the database directory be sure to use the direct path to the data where you stored it (e.g., if the data is on your server in C:\Channergy\Data it will NOT be in that location from workstations. The correct path will be the server name followed by the shared name of the folder, for example c:\Server\Name\Channergy\Data). We do not recommend using mapped drives to specify the path to your data directory.  Always use the direct Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path instead. If Channergy will not open on a workstation because it cannot connect to the database see the Troubleshooting tips.

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